What are some of the best slow love songs?

Answer #1

One Bended Knee Boyz to Men is a great one

Answer #2

Here you can find a list of best slow love songs, my top picks are Faithfully by Journey, I want to Know What Love, and Can’t Stop Loving You,

Answer #3

1.I miss you-Miley Cyrus 2.Accedently in love-Counting Crows[Not slow but good] 3.all i ask of you-Phantom of teh opera [really good,if your trying to get a girl] 4.beautiful sould-Jesse Mccartney 5.because you live-Jesse Mccartney 6.better than me-Hinder 7.big girls dont cry-Fergie 8.bleedin love-Leona Lewis 9.broken man-Boys Like Girls 10.bubbly-colbie calliat 11.by your side-Tokio Hotel[♥] 12.close to you-Carpenders 13.complicated-Avril Lavigne 14.Crush-David archuletta 15.feels like forever-Stone sour

Answer #4

Thank you very much

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