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Is dry humping safe? Can you get pregnant?

me and my boyfriend were dry humping yesterday I was in my pjs and he was in his boxers is it possible that sperm got in or what

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When can the semens pass through dry humping ?

Me and my boyfriend had dry humping 3days back. I was naked while he had his underwear on. Can the semens pass through ? Can I get pregnant ? M really worried please respond soon.

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Dry humping objects

I have never had my period. and I am older than most people are when they get their periods (I'm not like a 11 year old kid who humps stuff) both my sisters got their periods in 7th grade, and I have been past that point for a while now and still no p...


what does it mean it a girl says shes spotting?

what does it mean it a girl says shes spotting?


How to get rid of a buffalo hump?

anyone know about a buffalo hump , have one or know how to get rid of it?


Why do some girls vagina smell bad?

Why do some girls vagina smell really bad like fish?

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pineapple juice make a girl taste better down there?

does drinking pineapple juice make a girl taste better down there?

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Does the sperm in the condom dry up

After you use a condom. Does the sperm in the condom dry up or does it stay a liquid forever?

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How to fix dry and cracked nipples?

No.Im NOT Pregnant.
But My Nipples are Dry and Cracked,like Dry Skin.
What can I do to Fix it?

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Is it okay to eat cooked, dried fish during pregnancy?

in our culture, we are used to eat cooked dried that okay in pregnancy?


Can you get a girl pregnant by fingering?

Ok now I have been wondering if you can get a girl pregnant by fingering them if like you had maserbated like and hour before or something soo yeah I was wondering that

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Can girls really get pregnant from swimming in a lake after a guy got his sperm in it?

if a guy randomly came in a lake and a girl was just swimming can she get pregnant and not know it?

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Dry humping/pregnant

So me and my girlfriend were dry humping I had boxers on and she had jeans shorts and underwear and I came while we were in the middle of pressing is it possible she could get pregnant even though I had boxers on and she had shorts and underwear

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Holes "down there" (girls!)

Okay so, my friend said that girls have two holes "down there".
Is that really true?
If so, what all comes out of one and the other?

I'm really curious.

:) Thank you.

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When does a girl start producing milk? like when shes a teenager or when they first get pregnet.and when would a girl stop making it?

idk i know it werid question but i was curious.. because i was wondering if some guy was sucking his gf tits if shed accidentally give him milk

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guys have a harder time than girls holding their urine?

Do guys really have a harder time than girls when it comes to holding their urine? I can hold it for at least 8 hours, thanks to school. but I jw


What happens to girls if they take Viagra?

This question might strike as odd to some people, but its something I wouldnt mind needing to know. What happens to girls if they take viagra?!?!


Can a girl be fingered if she's never had her period?

my boy friend was talking about us getting more serious... but I still havn't gotton my period, can he still finger me?

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How can you make a girl pregnant wthout intercourse?

My boyfriend was rubbing his dick to my pussy after he ejaculated and rubbed off his penis with tissue like hour before?

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How is it normal for a girl to have discharge even if shes virgin?

I need to know if its normal to have discharge even if I havnt lost my virginity. Is it possible

Asap reply please!!


Why do girls get wet/horny?

Ok I really wanna know why they get horny and wet and stuff..yea ik they squirt. Why why do they get wet? Like I really wanna know...u know?

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