How does weed make you feel?

How does weed make you feel?

Answer #1

however you want it to feel

Answer #2

I’m still a novice, it’s only been a little over a year and I limit my smoking to the weekend (Fridays & Saturdays) I’ve had only great experiences- the thought of smoking relaxes me. I sometimes go through a bit of withdrawal during the week, but nothing that I can’t overcome. I don’t smoke inside my house, I’m fortunate enough to have a patio. I will roll up using a pinkberry wrapper, I am a lady ya know :-) I usually will have great music and a cocktail to heighten the experience. I get high rather quick, 3 pulls and I’m fully relaxed. I feel it all in my head. While sitting outside, I go through a bit of paranoia, as I can hear every sound- I swear I can hear the grass growing- lol! Shortly thereafter, I’m famished and yes, everything does taste exceptional. After that, I’m fighting to stay awake, this is why I try to smoke late in the night and sleep the following morning away, peaceful, with no hangovers.

Answer #3

Depends, it can make you feel totally relaxed and in a very spiritual or enhanced mood, feeling music like every note is a tasteful candy in itself.

I used to enjoy walking in the woods when high, I felt totally at one with the surrounding nature.

Or then it can also make you feel totally anxious, racing heart, shortness of breath and a very panicky feeling.

You have to be in the proper mood for it, go gradually each time, take a puff, wait 5 minutes for it to kick in, don’t do too much at a time if you’re not sure about it all.

It can be Heaven, but it can also be Hell, take it from a very experienced toker.

Answer #4

relaxed and everything is peaceful music is a plus and inspirational

Answer #5

it just makes me feel heavy all over and its the absolute best feeling in the world. Im more of a self smoker because I dont have to worry about my friends being so loud that my landlord comes in. I like to smoke from my pipe, and just lay in bed and listen to music/ watch movies/ play with legos/ draw because it just makes everything sooo much better. music is totally different and amazing! (I recommend some Sublime, Peter Tosh, or Bob Marley) Movies are extremely vivid and are always better when im not sober. Legos trip me out haha and im only good at drawing while high. I never ever get the giggles. I smoke pot twice everyday, and not once have I lold at nothing. I just feel extremely relaxed and fascinated by everything. I always feel tired after though but I feel so amazing when I smoke. Fuck, I feel amazing right now. Viva la mota!

Answer #6

I almost cried because I coughed so much the first time, second time, third time, and than I gave up. Although after the coughing I did get a nicotine like buzz, relaxed. I never achieved the mythical munches though.

Answer #7

depends on where you are who your with and how much you smoke.

if its your 1st time nd your in sum random place byyour self & you smoke a will make you feel lik yur gunna die, extreme paranoia & anxiety. if you smoke it in lower doses with your friends it could make you feel 1 of 2 ways; pot can be either a upper or a downer meaning it can make you feel hyper & giggly & hungry or for some people it can mellow them out make them drowsy nd juss totally chill.

kryss =]

Answer #8

The aforementioned pieces of advice are very naive and uninformative. THC causes the body to relax, giving you a rush of Dopamine, a hormone in the body. Once the effects take place, you have a warm and fuzzy feeling upon the body. The pleasure centers in the brain are very active during this time. Your mood begins to rise. Depending on your current mood and experience with marijuana, you can become very happy or mellow–sometimes you can even feel anxious and panicky. You have an increased appreciation for music and art. Everything makes you want to giggle. After a while your stomach begins to feel hungry, thus the “munchies”–which are quite real. Marijuana is known for it’s abilty to be an anti-nausea and appetite stimulator. This is why AIDs and cancer patients rely on weed as it is an efficient and beneficial medicine.

Answer #9

Makes me want to laugh hard at everything. Also, it feels like I’m in the Matrix.

Answer #10

good although it depends on the person.

If its your first time dont be an idiot and smoke all you can get your hands on. Seriously.

Gets my creative side really going and makes me really love life and life is happy

Answer #11

I was out my face, so honestly, I cant remember! but apparently (I was with friends) I was really giggly. felt like I was falling, just totally worry-free. thats why I like weed so much. worry-free

Answer #12

I know it’s really uncommon for someone to hate the effects of weed, but I’m one of those people. I don’t enjoy taking weed at all. For me, it’s a little bit like getting drunk, but without all the puking and nausea.

Physical effects: It makes my skin feel prickly, sort of like pins and needles. My heart feels like it’s thumping really hard and fast, which is scary because I’m not doing anything, I’m just sitting there and my heart is racing. It also makes my mouth and throat really dry. My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat and I have trouble swallowing unless I drink loads of water.

Mental effects: I start feeling like I’m not all “there”. I know that things are going on around me but I’m just kind of sitting there, not really caring or knowing what exactly is going on.

Or I could feel really anxious and paranoid, like I’m about to die (even though you can’t die from weed) especially since my heart is racing so quickly.

At the same time, I start feeling the urge to laugh at everything, even if I don’t find it funny.

Then I start feeling really drowsy. At this point in time, I have to fight to keep awake, otherwise I would just fall asleep right there.

Depending on how much weed I do, there might or might not still be some light-headedness left when I wake up. But weed does make you sleep verrry soundly though.

Answer #13

The first time I tried it I felt like I was flying and started laughing a lot. After the first few coughs, it felt good.

Answer #14

well, you know how a flashdance light thing is? thats how it was the first, second, third, all the way to eighth time was for me , it helps me relieve stress, it helps me unwind, and its just too funny when someone serious tries it, haha my ex {we’re good friends now} just tried it a couple days ago, and man, he was FUNKED UP! he was sitting there, than all of a sudden, he started making weird kung fu noises and movements , LMAO, it was too funny!!! and well, when it comes to laughing, you just laugh and laugh and laugh, like, you laugh so much that you didnt even know you could even laugh that much! ITS HILARIOUS!! lol , and I’ve smoked pot in a garage, house, greenhouse D: , outside XD, and I’ve smoked it from a can, bong, ate it, aqualung, lung, and a weird home-made candy cane thing with a shotgun{the hole you hold onto then let go when your finishhing inhaling to make sure you get out all the smoke}. lol :P and I ALWAYS force myself to cough, even though everyone hates it, coughing gets you high, more fast. lol even though I get stoned in less than five hoots. HAHA!!

Answer #15

It makes me hit chill-out mode and I’m completely relaxed and spaced out. I usually don’t sleep because then the high would just go to waste! So I’m listening to music, surfing the internet, doing yoga, etc. I can even study or play sport if I really have to. Like for hours, in a completely stoned state. Doesn’t gimme a hint of its slow - motion nature when I’m doing something that I have to. I can concentrate on whatever without too much trouble, in fact, it then makes things so much more interesting! :D

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Answer #17

well it depends how much you smoke… and the amount is different for everyone.
Im a pretty cheep high, so if I take a couple of hits I start to feel it. The feelings kinda hard to explain, it makes you feel happy, and very carefree. You feel light, everything seems so funny, and you smile a lot. I find I always say weird things though, so im always trying to watch my mouth. This, of course, requires that your smoking in a secure place where theres a low chance of getting caught. because if your somewhere sketchy like school or at home when parents are around, you might tend to panick a bit and get really paranoid. Youll be wondering if everyone knows your high, and by being so paranoid your just going to be more obvious. or maybe thats just me. so just act normal. or, dont do it at all if your not in a safe place. being high can be a really great feeling, if you do it in moderation. but the burn out really sucks because you get tired and just want to sleep. then you wake up and realize you crashed at eight and wasted a whole night. which is a major bummer.

Answer #18

ok all these people who saY it doesnt make you feel the greatest you will ever feel in your entire life are wrong. ill give you a few facts about, how to, how much, and why to smoke weed.

  1. the more often you smoke, the more it takes you to get high thats true. but stopping for a while will make it like your first time again.

  2. do it strictly on the weekends to make it best.

  3. when you smoke, hold in the smoke for 6 seconds to get you the most high, anymore and its just unnecessary lung damage.

  4. I hope somebody is reading this and getting some good facts in.

  5. when you can get the most expensive bud (assuming its the right price) it will make you feel better after your high is up. trust me

  6. smoking weed doesnt exactly make you stupid, it just makes your memory all fucked up. but if you stop that will go away.

  7. marijuana has NO!!! absolutely NO!!! permanent effect on you.

  8. hit the bong

  9. hope this helped

  10. legalize it!

Answer #19

it really just depends in the person…I just feel hppy and concerned with my surroundings…I have greater apreciation for love, life, colors, nature, music, everything…I also take time to meditate when I am high…I work high, study high and am able to do evrything very well…some of my friends are numb for the whole time and get lazy…I do to but that’s when I have nothing to do…just be safe and make sure you smoke in a healthy enviorment where you feel comfortable…enjoy PLUR

Answer #20

It makes you feel relaxed and helps you to forget your stress, but still level-headed and able to function at the same time. it’s waaay better than getting drunk, without the horrible hangover and the inability to function. sometimes it does make you sleepy for the rest of the day if you smoke it during the day, but you just have to get rid of it, or, take a nap

Answer #21

to me it makes me feel really tired and in a different place, weed is like a calmer. if someone smokes and is all hyper there faking it. usually you just sit there pretty much not paying any attention

Answer #22

Welll. lol It really depends, There’s many different feelings, Some are…Giggly, happy, paranoid, lazy, tired, hungry, it’s weird to walk, everything is so much more comfortable, you feel like you can move very fast, very thirsty, It makes it more enjoyable for some people to do activites, like homework, work, cooking, more commonly though it makes you not want to do anything at all but sleep.

Answer #23

It makes you feel good at anytime of day but if you smoke in the mornig when you just wake up the feeling might be unpleasent but other then that you can have a lito bit of weed but if you know how to smoke it it will get you high but I can’t explain the feeling you just have to try it out for your self

Answer #24

for me it makes things feel like its not real like im in a dream, and other times im just really relaxed and wanna sleep.

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Answer #26

First time I smoked it, I coughed abit, but I was really hungry and I couldn’t stop laughing. Second time, I was by myself and I was laughing at reallly stupid stuff. Third time, I ended really hyper and hungry, and the teachers were like “wtf?” Then, most recently, I got high at school and it helped me concentrate on my work… lol

Answer #27

IM HIGH RITE NOW… bfore I smoke I was cryn about my lame as boyfriend who lied to me about having anothr chil ..I cried until my brother passd me the blunt…then all of a sudden the tears stoppd INSTANTLY Nhaled then Xhaled and its like I cud my brothers and aron and breezy we geakd thro 5 more blunts and then I ate a box of french toast and half a box of capn crunch im still mad but at the same time im chiln I LOVE WEED im gona stop 4 2010 wish me lcuk but Ntil then ima blow it dwn…ASHMO

Answer #28

Sounds like you have an allergy to it; unless you’re kind of a hypochondriac, which I used to be. It’s weird because I liked smoking weed a lot and then it made me feel like you described for about a month. Then randomly it became enjoyable again; must have been some freakish phase my body was going through.

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