What should I add to my urban survival kit?

it fits in an altoids tin and consists of a bycicle innertube, a nail with duct tape, floss, fishing line, medical tape, and rubber bands wrapped around it, strike-anywhere matches, a dollar, tin foil, a cut-down pen, paper, and band-aides. I would appreciate any more suggestions that would fit in the tin.

Answer #1

A mini flashlight, a small mirror (to signal with), some kind of antiseptic for cuts, and a guitar pick.

Answer #2

a few things. one, I can’t fit a light in there and have matches. Two(or is it three?) This is just for around town, an URBAN survival kit. Three(4?) I don’t play guitar, and 4 (5?) do you know how I could get ahold of some condoms?

Answer #3

You so need a leatherman. http://funadvice.com/r/bmkgsh2i2na Or at least a small swiss army knife.

Answer #4

I want to add one, but I don’t have the money for one now.

Answer #5

Toilet Paper!!!

Answer #6

a carbine, ammo, hand tools

Answer #7

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