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Why (or why not) will the world end on December 21, 2012?

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They say that in May 2011 that the world would end and it did'nt. And on November 11, 2011 ya you know the 11.11.11 thing they said something bad would happen that day as well. But guess what we are still here. But everyone has been talking about the 2012 thing for awhile before all of this other 11.11.11 stuff. So I want you guys to tell me why the world will not end December 2012? Or why it will end and how it will end? Some people are saying it will be a Spiritual Transformation and the solar system will change, maybe this is just a rumor. An Asteroid hitting earth, global warming, natural disasters like we saw in the 2012 film in 2009,an apocalypse,aliens or robots taking over earth,I don't know what will happen 12.21.12 but what if December 2012 is our last month to live for humans on Earth? Seriously some people are taking the 2012 thing seriously...I am just suprised we are not hearing this on T.V or the radio....if the 2012 doomsday is that serious they should be talking about this in the media,T.V,and radio. Why..I am still curious why they have'nt taken this thing public already. I am very concerned I have been thinking about this since 2009 since 2012 came out in theaters...natural disasters are real so that part of the movie was very realistic. When 11:59 p.m comes on december 20th 2012 i wonder what people will be thinking when 12:00 a.m then strikes and something bad happens. I am pretty warming is already happening so is their really anything to fear?