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Who would want to go to the marine corps ball anyways?

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So my friend Eric is on leave and asked me to go to the marine corps ball with him. I asked him the other day if we were still going and he said no. He wasnt going to tell me he couldnt go cuz apparently he has known this. My whole family is expecting me to go to this. Not to mention my dad has already sent my dress to the dry cleaners and Ive already asked off work. I cant pick up anyones shifts either so I just lost $200 for nothing. My other friend Steveo is going. He said he was going to ask me but knew Eric wanted to go with me so he let Eric ask me. Steveo is taking his roommate and I know she doesnt want to go. Anyways he said I could still go with him and his date but that would be awkward and I don't wanna go by myself i'll look like a loser. Point is my feelings are extremely hurt I really wanted to go and idk what to say to them.