Answer #1

Gosh that’s hard. Ummm Jim Carey I suppose but I love Adam too lol

Answer #2

Jim Carrey. Sometimes Adam just thinks he’s funny whereas Jim is a classic crack up.

Answer #3

None in the present. They are played out and well, their time has passed. But Jim had more movies that became huge hits and were loved by critics and fans compared to Sandler. Sandler last movie was a terrible and disturbing mess. Jim Carrey is coming back in the action movie Kick Ass 2 in 2013

Answer #4

Jim Carrey is awesome :P Adam Sandler is funny too but Jim Carrey is awesomer.

Answer #5


Answer #6

Neither as I find them both not funny but if I had to select one or the other, Jim Carrey for me as long as he does not make the silly faces.

Answer #7

I’ll go with Adam Sandler because he seems slightly more realistic in his roles.

Answer #8

Adam Sandler. Just watched Jack and Jill last night. Sandler is brilliant. Carrey runs hot and cold and tends to be more on the vulgar side. Dumb and Dumber, for example, was just plain dumb. If you find a movie embarrassing to watch, it’s probably insulting to your intelligence. A comedian who has to resort to vulgarity in order to be funny isn’t nearly as talented as Bob Hope who was funny without every telling blue or dirty jokes.

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