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Does Emma Watson smoke and drink, really?

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I read somewhere online that emma does indeed smoke and drink because she had to fit perks of being a wallflower and she is playing this bad girl role in The Bling Ring next year. I thought emma used to be a very clean nice girl and respectful. Idk if she drinks and smokes in real life I'm not sure. But all this time when she was hermione in the Harry potter films...I thought she was a clean nice young her good girl image disappearing you think? I see in interviews she has been quite snobby and stuff and it seems like she's a little arrogant. This is the the emma watson I saw when she was in the Harry potter movies. I mean she even cursed in one interview on the Jonathan Ross show last month. Saying f$$$$& up. What do you think is going on? Is she just sick and tired of talk show hosts interviewing her and asking her the same questions? She just looks tired and stressed out...and she used to laugh all the time in a friendly way when she was in the Harry potter films...not so much anymore. She was her normal self and seemed like emma when she was on the jimmy Fallon show. I mean idk again I mean is jimmy Fallon really that funny? She was laughing and smiling alot on his show.