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Is there anything that can be done if a doctor mocks you when you go in to an ER

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I've been very depressed and bothered by something that happened last friday evening. I had surgery that day and wasn't put on pain killers and ended up in severe pain to the point I was crying and screaming because I couldn't handle how bad it was. I literally was to the point of pain that I was begging my mom to shoot me. It felt like I was being stabbed repetitively in my stomach. I had a fever as well. I later found out today I also have an infection from the surgery (on antibiotics now) it's been a really hard couple of days. My mom took me to the ER to get some help I tried to be as calm as possible but the pain was so overwelming I couldn't stop crying. I waited a very long time to finally be seen and I was treated very rudely by the staff. There's only one ER hospital in the town I live. When the doctor came in he started yelling at me and I asked him to be please stop and I'm in serious pain and he began mocking me going, ''OH BOO WOO! I'M IN PAIN!'' then told me I need to shut up. The disrespect made me cry even more and my mother asked him why he's being cruel and how this is unprofessional. He told me I need to stop acting like a baby. I told him I just had surgery, I'm not acting like a baby I am in great pain that's why I was there. He then said until I can shut up and calm down he wasn't willing to assist me and left the room.

I have never been treated so rudely in my life. I began crying even more, a nurse came in and set up an IV with some morphine and I was able to relax a bit better. The doctor came in over an hour later and acted very rude and arrogant to me. My mom told him how she was very angry at how he treated me and how it isn't right and he kept saying that I'm fine and I need to grow up. I was in shock at how I was being treated. I'd like to do something about this, it's still bothering me how I was treated. What can I do or who can I get in contact with about this matter?