Craving cereal

Okay, so for the last week I’ve been craving cereal. I have an average two big bowls of frosted flakes with milk everday. Sometimes more. I don’t know why, and the odd thing is I havent had cereal with milk in years, because I hate milk, but all I’ve been craving is cereal and milk. Any reason why im craving this ?

Answer #1

I realy have no idea hun! :D But Its been like that with me the past 4 monthes!!! I feel silly! But yeh your not the only one! Also I never liked milk till April when my Best Friend Came over and practically drank All of our milk and she was all like “I LOVE MILK!!!””” Haha xD Then I started to drink it all of a sudden and now I have to have a glass at least once a day!

Answer #2

I loveee frosted flakes!!! you’re probably just craving them because they are so damn delicious : )

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