Wouldn't it be better to leave Iraq alone and fix America instead?

why is it ok to go to iraq and kill thousands of people spend billions of dollars and yet we have thousands of disabled people and homeless families that cant go to a doctor or dentist or eat a meal…would it be better to leave the iraq people be and start fixing America?

Answer #1

Your question is one train of thought - another train of thought: In America we have freedom / prosperity - shouldn’t we not be selfish and help the good people of Iraq have the same - don’t they deserve to be given the opportunity ? - always two sides, you pick the priority.

Answer #2

Yes. That was true 5 months ago when you asked. That’s true today. It was true in 2003 when the war began for fake reasons provided by Bush & Cheney.

Answer #3

IRAQ NEVER ATTACKED THE UNITED STATES! I didn’t think anyone still believed that lie. Even George Bush finally admitted that. Of course D I c k Chaney is another story. That old war monger had better stop lying and change his ways because he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. (This dumb censorship program wants to ban the mans name, D I c k.) For those who haven’t been keeping up with the world news, here’s the short answer to your question:

Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade. Now there are no meters on the oil wells.Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day. How much do you think BIG OIL make yesterday? Exxon makes $108M - every day Bush can live with that!

No wonder they were so eager to start a war, It’s the biggest theft in Earth’s history. It was all about oil the first time when poppy Bush started the first gulf war. Now under junior we have we have 3,878 dead soldiers.

Don’t believe that lie that the terrorists hate us because we have freedom or that they just want to kill Americans. They hate the George Bushes because they put American soldiers on Muslim Lands and they consider that as a desecration of Holy ground by infidels. This is why Osama Bin Laden got ticked off and started his terrorist organization, Al Qaeda and why he attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It had nothing to do with Saddam or Iraq!! If the United States would stop trying to be the police force of the whole world we wouldn’t be in so many wars. e.g. The Korean War (which I was in), The Vietnam War, both of which were supposedly fought to stop communism, but what did we gain from it. North Korea is still communist and a threat to the U.S. But we lost 46,000+ soldiers. Vietnam is still communist and we lost 58,209 American soldiers. We had a right to counter-attack Afghanistan since they were harboring Al Qaeda and Bin Laden but we had no justifiable reason for attacking Iraq and we still haven’t caught Bin Laden. (We’ve only lost 469 men so far in Afghanistan) There is only one sure way to stop our troops from being killed in Iraq, “Bring Them Home”! History will show we didn’t gain a thing from fighting that war just as it did with Korea and Vietnam.

Answer #4

yup it would. george bush is an idiot and I simply hate him. although im not to keen on obama (its not his middle name its something seems a little off about him) either.

Answer #5

Okay, both of you,,,SHUTUP. Do you realize what would be going on in Iraq if it was not for america, and our troops? The whole point we started this was because they ATTACKED US FIRST!!! We let them have a desicion, and look what happened…they took the world trade centers, and about 2000 amercian lives. Yes War is futile, but it CANNOT BE AVOIDED.

Answer #6

The whole point we started this was because they ATTACKED US FIRST!!!

And I quote the famous saying. ‘Do two wrongs make a right?’ Heard of political disscussion?

Answer #7

well it’s to late to change anything. if we leave now, seeing how unstable the government is over there, the terroists or iran would take over. plus hilary and al gore and a lot of dems who now are totally against it voted to go to iraq. so it was not just bush and reps. plus saddam was killing thousnads of people before we went there just as many if not more than we have. a lot of people over there are gratefull for what we are doing the media just does not show it cause they hate bush and the reps. I could go on and on but to lasy to write that much

Answer #8

YES…Especially when it breaks international laws of engagement. In my view, there is now a whole generation of Middle Eastern people who will look at the US & the Western nations with more anger and hatred than before. If anything it has increased the threat of terrorism worldwide. Sure Saddam was a bad guy, but there are many countries with bad leaders…do we launch an attack on them too? With LIES as a reason. In God they trust…then why spend so many BILLIONS on their military, and so little on DIPLOMACY??

Answer #9

I agree, though I do not live in America. I have never seen the point of George Bush’s decisions. All countries should be able to have a decision, and if most of the population feels the same way you do, which I think they do, it should be changed. I hope it is. War is wrong, and there is NEVER a good reason to start one. Sorry if my views on political affairs aren’t what you expect, but I will stick with them. My views are what make me ME. Britz.

Answer #10

jeesh, kind of getting of the subject aren’t we. 1st off, everyone has a different opinion on stuff, like this. {And the candycane issue.] 2ndly I wish that the americans would just leave other countries alone and think about their own. Finally, yes, they should.

Answer #11

To: funadvice From: joseph1949

I would like to second the requests by britz14 and fototaq and ask you to provide proof that Iraq attacked us first.

funadvice, you need to watch something else besides Fox News and listen to someone besides Rush Limbaugh.

Bush and Chaney are war criminals. After the two leave office, they will no be able to leave the USA. If they do, they will find themselves at the Hague (spelling?). The War Court will serve out the proper justice-can we say Gitmo.

Thank you

Answer #12


If we do not fight back, they would have gotten away with that. sighs

Answer #13

Well, do you have PROOF that they even attacked you? Huh? Britz

Answer #14

The reason we are in Iraq is because of the Halliburton money. It is billions of dollars every year we are in Iraq and it is 100% tax free. VP Cheney is an ex-executive officer of Halliburton and so is supposedly Rice. If you check Bush’s personal wealth now while he in office and a few years from now, it will be really obvious. Two separate times that I am aware of there was more than 200 million dollars that “vanished”; no body knows where it went. The most absurd part of the whole thing is that the news agencies dont do any investigation into it, why? If some guy in NJ rips off a little old lady for a few hundred dollars it gets a fifteen minute spot in the news; the missing millions just get an honorable mention.

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