Will leaving Iraq help al-Qaeda's cause?

Just read this quote:”If al Qaeda can plausibly claim they drove America out of Iraq (just as they drove the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan) they will gain literally millions of new adherents in their struggle to destroy America and the West. We will then pay in blood, treasure and future wars vastly more than we are paying today to manage and eventually win our struggle in Iraq.” - Do you think this is true, partially true, or not true at all ?

Answer #1

prks your only half right originally they wernt there but isnce we have stuck around they started to come in thru the borders so currently yes you have small groups going around but not as many as afghanistan does.

Answer #2

al-Qaeda isn’t in Iraq..so I don’t see how leaving would have anything to do with them. Unless we left Iraq to actually fight them, like in Afghanistan..

Answer #3

i agree with prks, we shouldn’t have been to Iraq in the first place, so if we leave, it wouldn’t be a huge victory with the insurgents, they got tons of people all over the middle east.

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