Why do so many people hate athiests??

My mom’s pissed off because I’m an athiest, and she think’s it’s my dad’s fault (he’s an athiest too). D:<

Answer #1

to annv I never said all people hate athiests; I said so many people do. :|

Answer #2

‘…They’re afraid we might be right…’

…Could well be, Toedaly..

Answer #3

It’s less about hate and more about fear. They’re afraid we might be right.

Answer #4

Well thats your moms problem I dont hate atheist people I will accept you for whoever you are!

Answer #5

I don’t think that anyone hates you… we just feel sorry for you because the answer is right in front of you and you don’t see it. Just read the Christian bible for every answer to every problem that mankind has ever had.

Answer #6

I don’t think your mom hates you. But if she believes in a God who punishes people who don’t believe in him, then she is scared about your eternal existance. She doesn’t want her god to punish you for not believing. But she doesn’t hate you.

Answer #7

People I know don’t ‘hate’ athiests, they ‘care’ enough about the person to share with them the good news so that they to can be absolutely sure about their own eternal destination when they die - we will all die - rather than selfishly play ‘I’ve got a secret’ and say nothing.

Answer #8

I think indeed that your mum is genuinely concerned. Give it time and be gentle, but keep using your own brain to think.

Anyway, not all people hate atheists. In fact, most people do not. The people who hate, would most likely hate for any odd reason that crosses their path.

Answer #9

I don’t know. I mean I’m a christian and I don’t hate them I just don’t agree with their religious beliefs (that is if atheism is a religion which I don’t think it is).

Answer #10

well she was raised to belive in god and his rules and sins etc etc and you dont so…yeah my mom kicked me out of my house for me telling her im an atheist and even called a priest on me so they our parents they sometimes over react

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