Why do some Atheist people hate Christian religion?

I am curious. I’m not a Christian. Recently, my Biology teacher threw a bible across the room. I was astonished, that’s not right. He said ‘’It doesn’t matter - that book is full of lie’’ He is an Atheist he really hates Christianty religion so much. He is always talking about how many mistakes the Bible contains. He teaches in a Christian school. I asked him ‘’Why do you teach in a Christain school, when you hate their religion?’’ He said ‘’I want them to realize the Bible is full of lies’’ He only hate the Christianty religion. Why is this?

Answer #1

As an atheist, I’m not a huge fan of religion in general. Nevertheless, I know there are rational ways of reacting to things. Throwing a Bible across the room is nothing short of a temper tantrum, in my opinion, and it’s people like that who give atheists a bad name.

The fact is that most of us are frustrated with certain hypocrisies in religion, or rather the hypocrisy of religious people. We get angry at those that preach against judging others and then look down on us for our beliefs. There are also a lot of controversies in the Bible and all religious doctrine really that most people overlook.

I could keep going, but in short, your teacher isn’t a great representation of a true atheist. He’s just a dick looking to shove his point down your throat (which, ironically, is the exact thing that most atheists hate about religious people). Consider him an opinionated man with an attitude problem and leave it at that.

Answer #2

Well I can relate to this. I hate religion period. I think he hates it so much is because christian people like th shove their religion down peoples throats. Christians don’t look at the facts, as in how could something inanamate exist. I could go on all day about this but its getting late. But that’s most likely the reason for the extreme hate.

Answer #3

heavinlymind said it best when she said that hes trying to push his point down your throat and thats what has turned us against christians but if everyone would just believe what they want and let the next person do the same this place would b awesome!but sadly our country is ran by people who supposedly believe in that crap but have sex on their office desks with the secratary while the wife is picking up kids from soccer practice or something.

Answer #4

In addition to what filletofspam said, a lot of atheists are former Christians and are angry that the Jesus cult sucked so many years of their life from them.

This particular teacher obviously has an axe to grind, but I’m surprised the school puts up with him.

Answer #5

my science teachers the same I think its because so many people have pushed it on her im not saying all christians are that way I uesd to be one but some are

Answer #6

Not all atheists hate religion, most I know just want to be left alone and not preached to all of the time.

Your teacher on the other hand sounds close minded and self-centered. Ignore him and don’t think for one second that he represents atheists.

Answer #7

Some atheists hate fundamentalist Christians for limiting scientific study and realization, but it is a sacrilege to throw the Book due to which certain fundamental ethics have been spread across Europe, which proclaims the One God and through whose second half crucifixion was by and large abolished.

Answer #8

Some non-believers succumb to The Village Atheist Syndrome. A lot of us have taken so much flack from believers over the years that we become a little too trigger happy to get into arguments.

I know it took me years to get over the shabby way a lot of believers treated me growing up.

Answer #9

There is more than one type of christianity, thats why it may seem hypocritical to atheists and why they hate it so much. In my opinion atheists are probably closeminded, thats why.I don’t know.

Answer #10

He’s a human and some humans are very strange. Some christians hate athiests, some jewish people hate budhism… You get the point.

Answer #11

uhhh cuz theere atheist and Chrisrians believe in God and what he has done for the world and and he loves everyone and atheist dont blieve in God… as simple as that.

Answer #12

uhhh cuz theere atheist and Chrisrians believe in God and what he has done for the world and and he loves everyone and atheist dont blieve in God… as simple as that.

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