Why are other religions so quick to hate athiests?

Im an athiest, and when ever I have a meating of any sort, lots of catholics come to protest my “devils work”. I do not ridicule any other religion, in fact I love that people think diffrent things then I do because it makes our world colorfull. But why do athiests seem to be the center of hate for christian relegions?

If you are a christian please explain this to me

Or any other religion for that matter! Im happy to hear opinions :)

Answer #1

You paint with a mighty wide brush - my Religion hates the sin but loves the sinner, caring enough to share the Good News - not playing ‘I’ve got a secret’…Take care !!

Answer #2

You’ve just run into some unloving Christians apparently. And it’s a shame. No we do not hate atheists, we are not supposed to hate anyone, and if they do then they need to stop and check themselves first bc they are not pleasing who they serve.

I also am learning that there are different types of every religion and group of people. There are mean and crazy christians, as well as the loving kind, just like there’s nice peaceable atheists out there, as well as mean and rude atheists who hate christians.

I apologize on behalf of Christians for any rude and offensive behavior, this should not be so. Unfortunately I can’t change them, so please accept my apology and try to understand that some people just have hateful personalities, regardless of what religion they are.

Answer #3

we don’t hate god, we just don’t believe in him. that doesn’t make us evil.

Answer #4

hey miomiomio…it was just my opinion.. im not saying that as it is..and literally ofcourse.. probably,youre right.. there are really some pesimistic persons, and are not just open about everything.

Answer #5

im christian and the bible tells me not 2 hate anyone I just feel bad 4 you that you dont believe in God!!!

Answer #6

dont listen to them I mean how would they feel if you were trying to get them to throw god out the window well seriously I think atheism is coolim christian and I dont care what religion you are I mean my cousins a wicken, you are an atheist, my friends are jews ,and so on I say if you dont belive in god and people call it devils work then tell them something to disturb them I mean fight fire with fire right? tell a christian if there was a hell he would go to it for critisizing other religions wich I think is a sin well I hope that helps

Answer #7

hey im a christian..cause basically thats what on the mind of every other people. atheism is not believing in any god right?? so probably, we kinda grew with this kind of thoughts that atheists are bad because they hate god and they dont believe in him thats why we cant change their minds cause they been used to that. but I dont want to offend you or something,this is just my opinion. I am a good christian and I do respect whatever belief every people has regarding their religions and not speak bad about that.

Answer #8

I am a Christian and I do not hate anyone. There are people I don’t like, but not because of religion or a lack of religion, it’s because of behavior. I’m sorry that you’ve met people that have hate in their hearts. It gives the rest of us a bad name.

Answer #9

im a christian and yes there are christians that hate atheists (im not one of them) but it is the same way around, some atheists hate christians. so its not all on one religion, its on all of us

Answer #10

I’m a Christian and I can’t say that I hate atheists; I’m happy to let people believe or not believe in whatever they choose; it’s their life, not mine.

Answer #11

we do not hate teh aethist. just that you people always had to debate with us. well. it just comes to a point where. WHO CARES, you die and go to hell. See you up there. but you get the point. it is really the aethist who had the first say and dos in everything and blame us Christians. haha.

Answer #12

To nohcs, athiests do not believe in god, e.g. they CAN’T hate god. I mean, how can they? It would mean that they really believed in god, saying that they hate him.

I think the main reason that the people who hate athiests because of ignorance, perhapse with the belief that athiests want to make them believe the same.

Answer #13

I have no freakin ideaon any of the religions I dont even what religion am I in

Answer #14

miomiomio basically hit the nail on the head there xD

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