Why dont people like gay people?

I was raised unitarian which means we belive in all races and all religions and all life styles so I’ve never really understood why people hate gay people. I have tons of gay friend and there great people so why do people not like them

Answer #1

This is not an option for Christians, because we are supposed to love our neighbor… and the bible does not say, unless he is gay.

Answer #2

Anything to do with SEX, scared the poop out of some people…and “different sex”, scares it out of lots of people. Fear equals disgust/hate…sad isn’t it?


Answer #3

people just dont seem to like people who are different from them. Dont know why, its rather silly.

Answer #4

Well the main reason is because it is different from what most people were raised to believe. We grow up and we see that Mommy is a woman, And Daddy is a man..Anything different from that relationship is strange to most people.

Answer #5

I like gay people, so not sure what you mean. :)

Answer #6

ah but silverwings… it doesn’t mean that all Christians follow that. They (as in the people who don’t follow that) go off of the fact that it says that marriage should be man and woman and anything other than that kind of relationship is wrong. I hate when people say rude things about gay people to me personally because I have my brother an aunt and an uncle who are all homosexual and both my aunt and my uncle have “partners” my aunt has a wife and my uncle has a husband in my eyes at least… they I believe have civil unions… People hate gay people because they think its morally wrong to like someone of the same gender. and you know what it sucks that people believe that because I know so many great gay people who are discriminated against because they are gay… and I know I grew up in a family where it was ok to be who you were… it is quite sad if people can’t be their true selves and get the same liberties than if they pretended to be something they weren’t (aka straight.)

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