Why Do Religious People Look Down On Athiests?

ok, im not emo or goth or anything like that. Im a normal person who beleives in love and peace, but not god. Im obviously an athiest than, but why do some religious people beleive athiests are bad or ‘evil’? Why don’t they except and respect each others differences?

Answer #1

I will tell you something Cause what make us stick to manners and morals 2 things Loving god, respecting his almighty and fear in our heart from his punishment That what control humans There maybe a good atheist and bad believer It happens a lot But the root Is that God is something so important and I can’t force anyone to believe in him, in fact I know something else, He chooses believers and atheists why? Because he knew who is deserve to be in heaven or in hell That’s it What cause you pain if you believe in him? If you don’t want to do, it’s up to you But you are as human, weak creature, only god makes us deal with this life, only god gives us what we need; only god is the unchangeable creater, not your family/friends/lover They are all under circumstance will change and you will be left alone Again if you don’t want to believe in any god in any believe in any religion in anything, it’s up to you But don’t curse god in front of his believers, because we have a ground to stand on, we have something to live for, we don’t live and die without any meaning and every life without god is useless I have something If god wants me to be atheist he will change my heart NOW I pray to be dead as believer Cause I ve seen how everything change but him Even when I have a horrible trouble Bad thing I don’t lose my faith I try to pass the test ,,if you don’t want anyone to look at you less Dont mention this in front of them,

Answer #2

its because, when you belive in somthing so strong your not supose to have doubts and they dont understand people who do.. & its just how they were raised.. and I think its normal to have second thoughts.. im cathic.. and I def have second thought but I belive so im safe not sorry.. I don’t know if thats wrong but thats how I feel.

Answer #3

Just curious, but what does being “goth” or “emo” have to do with religion? Why would you even conclude that in your question?

& you’re only normal by your own standards.

Answer #4

Most Christians believe that man is inherently bad (sinful).

The only way to remove the stain of sin is through Jesus Christ.

Therefore anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus Christ is bad.

Answer #5

I think it’s because religious people haven’t got the guts to think outside the box or in this case, the bible.. so, they spend their whole lives being completley devoted to something that they will find (in the end) doesn’t exist at all (wow, what a waste of time). I certianly don’t feel bad if they look down on me becuase I know for a fact that my knowledge of the big bang, evolution, etc. will do me far more good than what any religious person has learned from going to church. I think another reason why some religious people look down on athiests is becuase they don’t feel that they have even given church a CHANCE. In a way, that does make sence becuase sometimes, we athiests can be pretty ignorant to other people’s beliefs but then again, look at yourselves, I don’t see any christians studdying anything that athiests studdy. It goes both ways, I suppose.

Answer #6

On behalf of being a christian I apalogize becuase some christian dont know better or as I call them “not true christians” God tells us not to judge but every one makes mistakes you might as well ask why people look down on teen agers its beacuase lots of them throw there lifes away when they know there is so much more out there that they could have

for me I dont look down on gays, athiest or any one else to be honest I dont look down I am just saddened by it because I know personally you are missing out on so much and im not just talking heaven and hell and all that but a relationship like none other miracles like none other thats all I am a christian and I would never look down apon annnoy one I know there is just more waiting for you

Answer #7

There is an underlying view among religious people that religion and morality are closely tied together. So, they tend to be very suspicious and untrusting of people who are irreligious or don’t believe in a supreme being at all. Atheists tend to be associated with immorality; after all, religous people base much of their existence and purpose in life on a belief in their god, and since atheists strongly deny that a supreme being exists, theists tend to be less than willing to listen to their views.

Also, most religions require their followers to actively seek converts. I think many religious people have had difficulty converting atheists, and as a result have become very frustrated, and this may also cause them to look down on atheists as a whole.

Answer #8

The religious meme is a self propagating entity that protects itself by vilifying those that are not infected. The common rules amongst most dogmatic religions are:

  1. it is the only way to salvation.
  2. All those who do not believe are evil.
  3. doubt is a sin.

Given these rules, can you not see how a religious person really has no choice but to “look down on atheists”? Also, you should keep in mind that due to our natural empathic sensibilities encountering a person without faith almost forces a person to imagine themselves without faith and that, to many people, is a very scary thought.

Answer #9

I love the Lord, and I respect your right to be what ever you choose to be. It is my duty as a Christian to try to share the gospel with you, but, not to ever try to force you to believe. God does not work that way. He does compel us to share what we have learned about him with others. It is up to you, as to what you do with it.


Answer #10

Wow your question really brought people together to talk about a really Good Topic. For one thing Aithiests choose to deny christ therefore religous people tend to look down on them. Because Religous people really try to tell you that you some how haft to come to reliaty that YOu just didnt Pop on earth. ANd that they feel sorry for you, but they Cant make you belive In God you have to do it yourself. so this sometimes make people very frustrated becuase they really do love you and want you to be in a better place when you die. Instead of the other place My personal belief Is I dont want to see anyone be in Hell, You wont want to be there when you go either. So Start believeing girl. Because you cant run away From HIM. K.

Answer #11

Some believers think we atheists are evil and do the devil’s work.

Some believers fear us atheists because we tend to be well educated and can come up with uncomfortable questions.

And some believers have met real jerks who were atheists and formed their impressions from that.

There are other reasons also, I’m sure, but these are probably the main ones.

Answer #12

ok, for sure. this is exactly what im like! have you ever seen zeitgeist? best movie ever made and it explains religion don’t listen if people tell you your not getting into ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ theres no such thing (I beleive) religion started WAY back as a way for the government to control peoples beliefs and give them hope to keep on being a peasant, and to make money jesus was a badass dude. he thought it was ok for anyone to beleive in anything, and didnt try to change it, force it and stuff. he loved everyone just the way they are. im an athiest, but I wish religious people would act like their ‘savior’ jesus

Answer #13

This may be a very American thing. In Britian and France (my home country and my current home!) I’m not aware of the idea of looking down on atheists. I’m an evangelical Christian. I’d rather have a good discussion with an educated, open-minded atheist than with someone whose never thought about such things and never wants to.

Answer #14

Lol, good question. Because people have this selective filter in their brains where they pick the things they want to and dont listen to the rest…
Some how the “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” part has you know skipped their awareness, “the love your neighbour” part, the “do not judge” part, the tolerance, acceptance part… all seem to have gotten past them…

Answer #15

I’m what you would call agnostic. I believe that no one can PROVE there ISN’T a god, but jsut because there MIGHt be one, I’m not going to waste my time putting all my faith into something that might not even exsist. Basically an Atheist without balls. The reason they look donw on us, is because strict christians are jsut that, strict christians, and anything that doesnt comply with their religion they see as from the devil himself. Apparently im “devil’s spawn”

Answer #16

I will assume that by “religious people” you are referring to those who say they are Christians. I’m a Christian and it’s not just the Atheists that religious people look down on. It’s anyone who does not subscribe to whatever they personally believe. The reason is that they have no substance. They think by preaching at people and acting holier-than-thou, they’ll actually get some kind of message across. They couldn’t be more wrong. True Christians, those who have accepted Jesus and know that He is the reason for anything that is good about them or in their lives, don’t look down on anyone, but accpet everyone with the love that God accepts them.

Answer #17

The reason why people look down on athiest people because if it was not for the Lord Jesus Christ you would not be here. If you look in the Bible the devil once was there but then God kicked him out because he wanted to be better then he was. But I LOVE Jesus Christ because when I pray to him it may not come when you wont it but he is always on time. So if I were you I would go to church and see what it is all about. Because you don’t want the Christ to come back and your not ready and you will be living in the Lake Of Fire burning forever. That is not a happy site to see. By the way you could be a really nice and loving person that’s nothing if you don’t have the love for Jesus.

Answer #18

I do not know, do they really think some all-powerful magical being just created everything and “spoke it into existance”?

Answer #19

I respect your right to be wrong - it’s your free choice/will.

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