Do religious people see athiests as being bad people?

Do you look upon atheists as “bad people”?
Do you feel that they do not want you to have your beliefs?
Do you have hate or dislike for atheists?

I have just been looking at all of these questions under “Religion” and I notice that there is oh, so much conflict between christians and atheists… it seems that religious people think they are better than atheists (I’m not saying that is the case.. that is just how it SEEMS)… or that atheists are bad people… but I really don’t see the difference. Atheisim isn’t really a belief… or a religion… but, in a way it is kindof similar to that… and everyone is entitled believe what they like. I thought that christians were supposto be so accepting of everyone but all I have been seeing from them is the oppisite.

Answer #1

Athiests and Religious folk and ALL of man (even Christians) are in the same boat: ‘SINNERS’ - in need of The Savior or have accepted The Savior, Jesus Chist.

Answer #2

how can atheists think they’re here by chance? our complex bodies cant be formed by a little atom or something. ohhh and we dont look like frigin apes. if we evolved from monkeys..why arnt we still doing it today? Do scientists think of that? If the apes evolved from a atom or fish or whatever it is..were did that atom or fish come from?

If there was a series of evolving, why did it suddenly end?

Oh and the earth cant be one billion years old. theres no way that can be possible. Scientist always take an old statue or dinosaur bones..and say “this is ove 10 million years old” that thing would have turned to dust ages ago.

There has to be something far from our understandiing that created this amazing earth. Cause we sure as heck didnt appear here. And neither did space and other planets and the 10 million galaxies.

Obviously there is a God who made this planet perfectly for us.

Answer #3

goodness overit, you hit the nail right on the head (is that the saying?). religious people who say things like “youre going to burn in hell” and that call other people’s beliefs stupid or watever give Christians such a bad name, and then others think all Christians are that way. and not that these christians are bad people, I think they just dont understand that this whole thing is about showing love and not trying to scare people into believing what we believe. they may need to improve on their people skills bc I think that ridiculing other people’s beliefs is definitely not going to get anybody to accept what you’re saying or even listen to you after that. last time I checked, God didnt say “force me onto everybody”, he simply said to “share”. you cant share if the person doesnt want it. run it by them, if they dont want it, move on. thats just my 2 cents

Answer #4

Hi, lol.

It’s true that some atheists think theists are stupid but most of the ones I know who say those things just say them out of anger. That doesn’t make it right but maybe it does help to explain why you hear that sometimes.

I do think that Biblical literalists live in a fantasy world because the evidence is so overwhelmingly contradictory. However, that doesn’t mean they are stupid people. Even the smartest people believe bad things. Maybe those people haven’t been exposed to science or maybe they just don’t feel that they need to look any deeper into the questions. So while their comments may be somewhat “stupid” on the face of it, I don’t assume they are stupid people.

As for being “right” or “wrong,” I don’t know enough about the universe to say declaratively. However, I do think that theists are much more likely to be wrong because of the lack of scientific evidence to support their claims. Again, it doesn’t mean they are stupid or bad, just that disagree on what level of evidence is necessary for belief.

Answer #5

I don’t see atheists as bad people. I just see them as people who don’t believe in God and don’t care about him.I believe some of them don’t want us to have our belief,, I thought only us Christians try to convert others…hmmm. I would understand If they don’t listen to the believers but if someone is working against God to draw people far from him,who are they working for? I have no hate at all for anybody whether believer or not, I try to help them, but If they don’t want it I let them be, I am not going to be like a Jehovah Witness and knock on everyone’s door. Everyone makes their own descions, but to answer your question, true Christians want to help atheist rather than judge them, but a lot of atheist don’t want it, and draw back even insulting somebody, so Some people keep their beliefs to themselves and all we as Christians and atheist do is walk on this earth today, and respect each other’s belief and that’s all to it, a lot of us even have debates on whether God exists or not,Enen I did. But we will never know what the outcome will be what some claim, our bodies might just float in the universe, or we can be in front of a big white throne shocked, who knows, but I know God exists, but I’m not going to force my believe on others and say you have to believe it or pressure them into it, I tell someone and if they don’t like it,just curse at me or just walk away, but we will have eternal consequences, so I just think that we as theist and atheist just live together and wait to see what happens

Answer #6

We, in no way look at atheists as bad people. It is not for us to judge and determine who’s “bad” or “good”. We dont feel that they dont want to have our beliefs, it’s just that they dont understand where we’re coming from and they think that bc they dont understand it’s not true. but it doesnt mean it’s not true, it just means they dont have faith. faith is a must, to even believe God exists. it’s all good though, I dont have a problem with anyone up here.

Yes everyone’s entitled to believe what they like, my only problem is when people become abusive and bash our beliefs. There is a thing called respect. But I absolutely do not mind atheists and others who question us and challenge us, I have questions as well to them, just to try to understand where they’re coming from and what it is that they believe.

Also, I understand that it seems like the Christians think they’re better, but depending on which questions you look at, the atheists also carry that. Because they’re living in reality, not a fantasy world, and because they live their own lives for them and not for some god. they feel like they have more understanding and that we’re all ignorant. But I just want to say we’re not trying to force anything on anyone, if anything we just feel like we have this great and wonderful news and just have to share it with the world. Not doing so would be selfish. If I found out the cure for AIDS, I would tell everyone I came in contact with. They can accept it or not, that’s not our issue. Hope I cleared something up for you!

Answer #7

You are being criticized because your answer is not based in realitiy.

Answer #8

im sick of being critisized for giving my answer. I just dont believe in that,I never will. im not going to argue with you.

Answer #9

Do you have even the slightest idea what a fossil is? If a dinosaur died under the right circumstance, like falling into a mud pit, the bones would be preserved and petrifiy. In other words they turn to stone.

You really need to understand some basics about science before you offer answers on subjects you clearly know nothing about.

Answer #10

lol_thatsfunny, LOL Thats Funny!!! I love people who know absolutely nothing about science chiming in and saying science has to be wrong simpy because they don’t understand it.

No one ever said we have stopped evolving. Evolution is an ongoing process. It is a very slow process that you can not visually observe occuring. It is measured over millions of years.

Answer #11

FEAR. A christian biggest fear is that there in no after life and that all of their effort will end a void of nothingness. Athiests force christians to face that fear which leads to the natural reaction of aggression or flight. Go now and find the closest animal to you, sneak up on it real quietly, and then without any warning… SCREAM. The animal will either attack or run. This is the same reaction that you see from the christians that you meet.

Answer #12

I feel bad for athiests and all the ones who think they just appeared out of no where, or out of the slime of the ocean. but I don’t hate them.

Answer #13

Some do, some don’t.

Some religious people get extremely defensive if anyone challenges their beliefs. They think nothing of quoting scripture or other religious concepts as absolute truth. But once someone says something that is contrary to their beliefs, they lash out with stupid comments like “athiests are wrong”.

Some people, like amblessed, are so steeped in the supernatural, they are unable to engage in a discussion of god or atheism withour resorting to religious dogma. They probably do that because they can’t defend their beliefs with real facts, just dogma.

Answer #14

Atheist are not wrong they just have a different stand point in life and choose to believe different things and that does not make them sinners in their eyes. Christians should be more concerned with themselves spiritually then with others. I grew up with my mother being into being Christian and my father did not really care about religion. I do not think his actions are rash by any means but everyone is entitled to their own choices in life and I believe weather we are Christians or Atheists we are still human beings and deserve to be treated with having the choice to our own religion

Answer #15

Some theists see us as evil, some don’t. You don’t have to listen to them long to figure out which is which.

I’ve seen very cruel things done to atheists by Christians. I’ve also seen angry atheists cut down Christians with no regard to their feelings. I find both ways abhorrent.

To me, it’s critical that we respect one another as people. We should NOT respect one another’s beliefs - since when did a belief of any kind deserve respect? No, I think we should always remember that there is someone on the other side of that label who has feelings too.

Answer #16

to funadvice I like how you get a good debate going on and you just back out and you wonder why atheism is spreading if you can persuade me otherwise I would convert but backing down from a good debate as this one is childish

Answer #17

First off, it is you who believe we just appeared out of no where with a wave of your gods hand. But I assume you are refering to evolution.

Why in the world would you feel bad for someone who accepts the overwhelming evidence of evolutionary development.

Answer #18

I’m a Deist.

It doesn’t bother me that other people are atheists or even any other particular religious belief.

That doesn’t, however, prevent me from expounding my belief(s) to them which has the purpose of giving them more information upon which to base their own beliefs.

From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

Answer #19

did ya read the part about the dinosaur bones?

Answer #20

but its also the same way around. some atheists (not all) think they are better then christians.

Answer #21

good question I’ve been thinking the same thing well, im an athiest, but my best friend is a christian they actually got me a bible with my name engraved on it for my 16th birthday today, and even though im an athiest, I thought it was the sweetest thing in the world some christians can overcome differences with athiest (perfect example is my bff and I) and live together and love each other however, if they disciminate and say athiests are going to ‘hell’ and so on, they don’t know the meaning of religion or even more importantly, of peace and love. I guess there are two types of christians psychotic ones and open-minded ones :)

Answer #22

I agree with foxxy18146. there are two types of Christians. Sorry if you’ve ever ran into a crazy one! :)

Answer #23

thank you “overit” you have a great point.

Answer #24

Atheists are wrong,they dont know what they are missing. Its just so surreal to us…to think that they dont believe in God. They are not bad people,its just..I don’t know. I do feel that they look upon religeous people as stupid and living in a fantasy I do kinda dislike them. BUT there are all different people and beliefs..but wrong.

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