Why do people put their 2cents in when not asked?

at school there is this boy(and others, but mostly him) who I thought was cool but then one day someone asked me if I thought if he was obnoxious and I said no, but then I started to notice his arrogant and negative comments. anywho in math I was talkin to my friend adn he added all these negatives comments and remarks which made me mad so I said im not talking to you. well now he calls me mean and a snob and too good which is so not true. why do people think they can always sound off at the mouth?

Answer #1

Everyone thinks different and people will do whatever their instincts tell them to do. Most people are too ignorant to go above what first pops into their head. Do not get offended by ignorant people, they are just being themselves. The ones you should be offended by is the ones that know better and are only doing it to get under your skin. Negative people are usually ignorant in those matters and half of the time do not want to learn or understand it so just shrug it off.

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