why do some people repeatedly ask the same question to many people?

A 51 yr. old male family member asks a general knowledge question of one person and then asks just about every person he meets after that the same question. Each time he seems to accept the answer and engages in conversation about it. It is so annoying and perplexing to the rest of us. Why would someone do this?

Answer #1

That’s how some people are if they can’t be satisfied, don’t complain about it. If you were them, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like to see them complaining about you, would you? I really don’t think so.

If you have the urge to complain about someone else on FunAdvice, keep it to yourself so that that person your talking about doesn’t see it and feel down about themselves.

Answer #2

They probably just want to talk. And that’s their method of communication?

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