why people only put attention to the mistakes

why people only put attention to the mistakes I mean like me or anybody else can have many good qualities but if you make even a tiny little mistake the people will talk only about that little mistake and forget about the other good qualities and everything else. why any answer is welcome thank you.

Answer #1

Human nature…it’s like driving down a good hiway…it’s great, right?? So good infact, that you can hardly remember doing it…but if you hit a huge pothold, THAT would be the one thing you’d remember…

Same holds true for mankind…


Answer #2

I totally understand you. it’s like you do so much good but no one sees that. they just see the bad, no matter how small it is. but you just have to remember that when someone puts you down like that, it’s only becasuse they are trying to make themselves feel better about the stuff they do. don’t let it get to you. =]

Answer #3

Thar’s something that is common to all man - you can work ay a company 17 years, doing a good job, and your name comes up for discussion with management - what will they remember…the one time you made a little mistake, go figure !!

Answer #4

I think its because they dont understand that nobodys perfect or something like that. they probably expect everyone to be perfect, which is not a good thing.

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