Do people ACTUALLY ask this?!

Hi! This may be a little weird, but please bear with me…I’ve seen this question a few times on the ‘net, and always in contexts that talk about feminism…PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE, I’M JUST CONFUSED/ IGNORANT/ CURIOUS about this, and would like to know as a fact: do people ACTUALLY ask the question in the qotes? “If men are allowed to go topless in public, why aren’t women?”

Btw, I’m NOT trying to be a pervert, I just think that’s a WEIRD question to be asking, and I wanna know if people actually ask that, and if so, WHY??? (besides, I think the answer(s) is/ are rather obvious…)

Answer #1

To whoever asked that question…”Your village called…they’re missing their idiot and want you back !!

Answer #2

I think it depends on who or what kind of person that person is. Some maybe bored and trying to pass the time. Many reason why.

Answer #3

that is a weird question people ask , I think they know why lol

Answer #4

@ amblessed: ROFL…5 minutes later Oh GOD I love that line!!! XD XD

…waaiitt…just checking, who was that directed to? :/

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