How many peoples made it with disabilities?

am asking this question base off a answer I got

“People make it despite severe disabilities”

that not the full answer but that just the part that got my attention

so my question is How many peoples made it in the world having a severe disabilities or just a disabilities ( don’t put hawkins ( I forgot his first name -.- and I think I spelled his last name right)

Note: by “made it” I mean became Sucessful making a good living, maybe a wife/husband

I don’t mean no peoples like who got a small walking disorder ( who walk with a small limp) something that make life harder then peoples who don’t got it, for example like someone who can’t pronounce there words right, things around that

thank :)

Answer #1

Temple Grandin, PhD - Autism Eileen Simpson, writer - Dyslexia Woodrow Wilson, PhD, President of U.S - Dyslexia, ADHD George Washington, President of U.S. - Learning disabled, face badly scarred by Small Pox Walt Disney (self explanatory) - Dyslexia Bruce Willis, actor - Stuttering Tiger Woods, golfer - Speech disorder Julia Roberts, actress - Stuttering

and many more

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