What is the question your asked the most from randon people?

Mine is about my age…it gets on my nerves. What question do people around you ask you the most that gets under your skin?

Answer #1

people ask if I’m emo. and it really makes me angry. people also are all like can you drive yet? & I’m like ummm what the heck I’m 13

Answer #2

“Why don’t you talk! or why are you so quiet?”

Answer #3

if my eyelashes are real. I have crazy long eyelashes. It is usually followed up by what mascara do you use.

Answer #4

People are always asking about my age too. It drves me nuts.

Answer #5

People ask if my hair is real haha quite often actually.

Answer #6

I drive a Honda Fit and people ask me, Is that car good on gas? Do you get good mileage?

Answer #7

If I play the piano. MAN. Do people HAVE to play the piano just because they have long fingers???

Answer #8

people ask me if im aware I have a lisp, as if I wouldnt know.

Answer #9

If I am bi.

Answer #10

If I’m a lesbian, lololol.

Answer #11

If im emo

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