Why do people consider rebeling includes a hair style?

For some reason in the music world people think rebeling against something includes a new hair style. We are all going to conform to something guess what you just change whos in charge of you are not a rebel.

So just asking why do people think being a rebel includes new hair style and clothing?

Answer #1

I don’t see how anyone could associate rebelling with clothing and/or hair style, that just doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

Answer #2

it’s rebelling because sometimes it goes against their parents’ rules. a lot of kids at my school did this to rebel against the school, the administration, etc. they just consider it another way of rebelling (besides going in the school with a loaded gun). they jsut do it to make people mad; this causes the rebellion part. instead of being violent with the weapons, they just make people mad by doing something different with makeup and a hairstyle. it doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s the way I view it.

Answer #3

in a way, it does, because its usually about not conforming to everything else society is wearing or has done with there hair but a lot of teenagers are doing it for the wrong kind of rebellious reasons either because they think its “cool” or they want attention or they want to look like someone there not but again, its all a part of finding out who you are and what you like almost everyone will experiment with there hair and clothes when there young, then as they get older, they usually dress in normal clothes and have normal hair not all of them however do, there are a lot of adults who still have crazy hair and wear crazy clothes but if your an adult and are doing it, its more of a life choice than it is about rebellion

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