Does anyone think that some people are stuck in the 1950's?

(btw im white lol)a lot of people including my family are racist. Some not so bad, and others go to the extreme. Like these people down at this country club thing next to my house ARE SO RACIST! Just speaking of a person of a different colr, you will get a negative comment rom all the people down there. I dont get it. Some people I know wont even try other foods from different cultures. I dont understand it! How can someone live a plain life with everything always the same. a lot of people I know wont let their kids date black people. Some wont let their kids date anyone but a white person. I told my family I would let my child date a person of any color and I wouldnt care as long as that person was decent. I got the strangest look from my mom! I think its so ignorant when people judge people by there color. Like some people I know say that all black people are criminals! That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life! There are a good number of white people that commit crimes. Or people will say all Middle Eastern people are terrorist! Its so stupid! Its like they exclude all the horrible thing that white peopel have done too. When I try to get some of my family members to try new foods, they wont eat it! “Becasue its foreign.” I personallly dont like when people will look at someone and say they are not form America. For exaple, a legal Spanish citizen will sometimes be considered as not American. Well the way I see it no one is form America! Everybody has their own cultural backround and heritage. Like me, Im Sicilian and Irish. SOmetimes I fell like telling people No, Im not American, Im Sicilian and Irish just to see what they would say. I just feel like a lot of people are stuck in the olden days, when segregation was around. And I still believe there is segregation today. I always find myself fighting with my family when they make racial slurs, and my family wonders whats qwrong with me. I always say I dont judge people by there religion, race, language etc. My family thinks there is something wrong with me, even though I know there is nothing wrong with me lol, Does anyone else feel this way?

Answer #1

There are racists of every color, unfortunately. Some of the worst openly racist remarks I’ve heard have come from one minority against another. So, it should come as no surprise that a lot of white people are racist too.

I don’t think it’s possible to wipe out racism. All we can do is continue to educate and diminish it.

Answer #2

Racism has run so deep in this country, it will not be elliminated in one or two Generations. Great strides have been made, but racism still exists.

Just keep up what you are doing. Speaking out against every time you are confranted with racism. That is what I do.

Answer #3

the 1950s? try from the beginning of time…

Answer #4

I too wish everyone would stop living in the past and learn to accept people from different ethnic groups, races, religions, and other cultures as well.

I guess only time will tell when these simple-minded people will stop living under a rock and get with the times.

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