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What are "people of color" and are they considered non-white minorities and skin tone?

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Ok so let me get this right people of color are not white people correct? I mean like for instance people if color are like Native American Indians,African Americans,Asians,Middle Eastern people like from Saudi Arabia and morocco,Hispanics/Latinos-brazilians are Latino,Hawaiians,Eskimos, Filipinos are all not white Caucasian people correct they are non white minorities? Am I right correct me if I'm wrong if I left any non white race out. On too skin tone..Now I'm curious I've heard people say that Armenians and Jewish people are not white is this true? Spaniards from Spain their skin is white but they are not Caucasian white correct or white Hispanics or Latinos whose skin is white fair skinned as well. Can someone breakdown the skin color tone chart for me for each ethnicity-I know it might take long but ok for instance Armenians are whites right but they can get a nice dark skin tone like Kim kardashian she's Armenian and she has an olive colored skin tone-idk if its real or not,African Americans have the darkest,Hispanics can get black too,white or olive colored,native Americans can get a dark skin tone as well right? Singer carrie underwood is half Native American so she is part a person of color right? Because her skin sometimes tans so I wonder if it could be naturally tanned bc if her Muskogee creek background anyways Asians have fair skin with a little bronze to it,and Hawaiians get dark as well,etc my question is which of these ethnic groups are most likely to tan naturally rather than burn? Am I making this too complicated? Let me know.