What makes people think that all "illegal" people come from Mexico?

-This is not a debate about immigration, so I would appreciate it if no one would comment on that.-

I would really love to know where most Americans get the idea that all “illegal” immigrants are Mexican? Or even latino for that matter? I mean, I live in San Francisco, and about 80% of the people that live here are “illegal” immigrants from all around the world, including places like China, Vietnam and Russia. The majority of the hispanic population that live here are from central and South America, not Mexico.

Answer #1

CNN… I think they usually check their facts…

“The proportion of the illegal immigrants who are Mexican has increased to nearly 70 percent from less than 60 percent, the INS said.”


Answer #2

Angel, where are you getting your statistics from? it is only about 57% coming from Mexico. that means 43% coming from other places. A big difference from your 30%

Answer #3

This is from CNN also:


And CNN checks their facts? Since when? Maybe slightly more than FOX Noise.

Answer #4

I agree with amblessed, most people do not think that way. I think that what americans think is more complex than the current administration and the press would have us believe.

Answer #5

Obviously not all illegal immigrants in the U.S. are from Mexico, but about 70% are… There arent too many mexicans in Miami either so I tend to forget people assume this, but since most illegal immigrants are Mexican, I guess people just tend to associate the two…

Answer #6

If they are here undocumented, how do they know how many are here? There is no real way to tell the percentage, since ther is no way to count them. And to amblessed, you should read the whole question (or at least the entire title) before making silly, unhelpful comments. I neither said ALL or even MOST people believed that in the title.

Answer #7

I don’t think that at all.

Answer #8

ALL do not think that - you shouldn’t paint with such a broad brush.

Answer #9

I don’t think they all come from Mexico, but most do? I just am going off of the facts that I get from my immigration lawyer and from INS. My husband is a Brazilian who came here the legal way and we are making him legal. The question is why they hell are these illegals still here? I am so saddened by my country. If they are not her legally they need to go home and come here the legal way. It is not being mean it is about being fair. If I have to follow the law, then so should they. Also we need to be throwing these American business owners in jail for allowing them to work for them. We also should start boycotting these businesses.

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