What style would you consider this to be?

I wear skinny jeans and usually bright shirts. All I have are skatershoes and I have a bini. I make my hair big and layered. Also my shirts have to be tight or only slightly baggy. And I wear purple eyeliner :d and usually bright purple eyeshadow I think that would be scene, right? But I dont have any band tees and I wear skater shoes. So..

Answer #1

your only a skater if you actually skate skater isnt a style of clothing if you skate your a skater if you dont, your not the way you dress would be considered scene

Answer #2

I Disagree W/ The Others Id Have To Say Scene And pssh im not skater And I wear skater shoes

Answer #3

ok.. haha I DO skate :D and I LOVE IT!! thanks

Answer #4

I beleive the style is called something like, you. be urself. you dont need labels.

Answer #5

like me but no make-up lol um yeah we dress skater status

Answer #6

ehh… skater.

Answer #7

hey yeah, skater and scene.. that works :DD hahaa thanks

Answer #8

its really skater but scene at the same time.

Answer #9

Scene rolls eyes

&& you know it.

Answer #10


Answer #11

Oh please, wannabe scene kid.

Answer #12

urself =]

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