Why you people in western world wheather it was europe,spacificly e

Why you people in western world wheather it was europe,spacificly england germany,america,inspite that islam tell muslims to love every one and we believe in all prophets and we resprct jesus and if anyone said anything bad about him he will be detroyed and believing in all prophets including jesus is a major part of our faith and the people how did 9/11 ,london explosions and madrid explosoins don’t anything about the real islam and they use islam as a cover to their dirty work we muslims hate al kaada and the terrorsim and we were very sad and un happy when we saw 9/11 eventsand thepeople how did this represent a very very very very very vry very very tiny part of muslims and why you people in all areas I have mentioned previously consider that all arabs are terrorists we are not like this we try to live in peace and why you treat us badly in your countries you treat anyother race better than us wheather from india,china, all I wanna say we are not like you imagine we are and before saying anything bad about islam you must know the real islam

Answer #1

I’m a muslim women and I want to say that its true that islam didn’t treated women equally with men, but it put women on top ,who want equality when we can be on the top ,islam respected women ,it’s enough that islam made talking badly about women a sin ,iam proud to be muslim

Answer #2

The real Islam is oppressive to women for a start, women aren’t treated equally.

Most major relgions don’t treat women equally. The catholic church doesn’t allow for female clergy for example. Judaism also treats women differently, hasidim treat them as second class citizens.

Any religious extremist can find what ever they want in their particualr dogma to justify their bigotry and hatred. It has been happening for a long time.

While there is a lot of anti-muslim sentiment in this country, it is not the norm. The reason it got so bad (I do think it is getting better), was due to the Bush administration constantly demonizing muslims with words like ‘terrorists’. How many non-muslim terrorists did Bush go to war against.

Answer #3

couldn’t agree more with cant_buy_me_love, don’t be so quick to judge the western world without knowing the real western world.

Answer #4

Well, just as it was a small few Muslims that ruined it for the rest of the middle eastern countries, it is a small few people who believe those things and ruin it for the rest of us. I personally don’t believe that all people from the middle east are terrorists and horrible people. I personally don’t know anybody who does think that. It is a small select few who believe that and they ruin it for the rest.

Answer #5

I will just say anything heppen from some tiny groups of muslims doesn’t represent us all and the people how know the islam won’t do anything bad

Answer #6

The real Islam is oppressive to women for a start, women aren’t treated equally. Islam is a vicious, wicked religion, read the news, what is happening in Nigeria is very topical: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/8173717.stm

These kind of small scale incidents pertaining to Islam seem to be happening almost every day

Answer #7

That is one very long sentance…

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