why did god create these people, if they are just gonna go to hell?

in the bible god said that you should not believe in any other god than him, yet he created the indian people for example (like muslims no offense to any). if he created all these different kinds of people, and they just go and worship other gods and not him, does he just let them go to hell with the devil?

Answer #1

you can’t really say . I believe in what I see, not feel and I just stick to science. That’s what makes sense to me. you just have to listen to yourself. I honestly think that god didn’t write the bible and some things aren’t really true like going to hell if you believe in another god. Just listen to what you think. I have a religious kid at my school and he kind of scares me cause he was telling me I may die on judgement day because I didn’t feel or believe in god and he’s going to say “ why didn’t you believe in me”. It’s just all you. Don’t listen to anything else. If you believe in god good for you. if you don’t good for you. the thing is people who really believe in god try to get to you but you got to listen to yourself. I may get a lot of crap from people now because I said this uh oh…lol I believe in god but some things just don’t make any sense. if God truely and honestly loves each and one of his “ creations” he wouldn’t do that.

hope I helped…

Answer #2

People Are Born to choose what they want to do & that includes what religion they want to follow . But NOt all Religions Are right the bible says Theres ONE god ONE true Belief && So one TRue religion! (Ephesians 4:4-5,13) there are false prophets the bible says soo NOT everyone who speaks about god is right (Deuteronomy 18:20,22)

Answer #3

suc it up ‘thex13thxchild’ the only way it would be offensive to you is if you have a different opin and you do, so does every one else and what you belive in can also be offesive. soo prove hevan and hell really exsist then shut th hell up. lol HELL

Answer #4

(The truth is that there is a heaven and hell. We with our actions decide where were going. God ofcourse wants us to go to heaven. How do we get there by reading his word and obeying his teaching. And asking Jesus to come into our hearts. There are many Gods because we humans have created them with our own hands and minds but only one living GOD and thats Jesus Christ. I encourage you to open the bible and you will find a manual based on our daily living.)

<<< if people are truely this narrow minded and stupid I reeeaaallly hope there is a hell, so you can go there!

Answer #5

By the way, what the hell kind of question is this?!!! I am a Muslim and we have our own beliefs. Your religion and our religion are very close. We belief in ONE god…ONE, your god and our god are the SAME!!! the only difference is that we DONT belief Jesus is god or the son of god. we pray to god everyday, 5 times a day and that religion is our main priority.

We belief that Muslims will go to heaven. why? because we sacrifice our lives to god, we worship him, we don’t associate partners with him, he is our master and we are his servants in this world…we are all equal and that we must not judge anyone else. Just because we are Muslim doesn’t mean we will go to heaven, it depends on our good deeds and bad deeds, you people believe in that don’t you?

You think your religion is right, we know our religion is right, its just how the world is. Let me also correct you on 1 think, not all Indians are Muslim. There are whites, blacks, Chinese, Japanese, Indians and all the different type of people who you could think of who are Muslims

I did kind of find this question offensive!!

Answer #6

Religion is all lies, fictional stories with no merit in today’s society. If God truly does exists I doubt he is such a proud childish dictator that would really care what us little human’s think about him.

Answer #7

“The truth is that there is a heaven and hell.” prove it and no, you’re not going to heaven, even if the bible is true. Man are to inherit the earth. No one is “going” to hell until judgment day. Hell being the second death. Get your facts straight before trying to shove your religion down people’s throat, no-one’s going to swallow if you don’t even have it right.

“I did kind of find this question offensive!!” Great, another person bending over backwards to be offended. It was just an example. That’s where the belief stemmed from. D@mn. I’m a mystic(or more common term witch, which is improper terminology if one does research through time). You know how offended I would be with all the slanders of my practice and bashing it takes, the dabblers on here who act all high and mighty yet don’t know sh*t, ect, I would be if I took offense as easily as you?

Answer #8

There are so many religions, and they all say they are right and all the others are wrong.

  • How do you even know that the god your bible tells you about is the real one? How do you know that you are right?
  • How do you know that your preacher at your church tells the thuth and all the other preachers at their churches and temples don’t?
  • How do you even know that you’re not one of the people who go to hell for worshipping the false god?

Don’t tell me that ‘this has to be right because the bible sais it’. There are different translations of the bible. Some contradict each other in important topics. The bible even contradicts itself between NT and OT. There are hundreds of different christian sects or churches. There is always room for interpretation when reading any text. So is in the bible. So how do you know you’re right???

I’ll tell you: You don’t know you’re right. You can’t know you’re right. You just believe you’re right. There is no way to know.

I think that religion should be the personal decision of every man or woman. They should answer these questions for themselves and believe what they have reason to believe. I think no one should judge about the world view or religion of another person. You can sure try to convince them that they’re wrong and you are right. But don’t get upset if they have the better arguments.

bye the sheep

Answer #9

There is no hell, no heaven, nor or any gods. All these types of questions simply vanish once you accept reality as it is instead of as people wish it were.

Answer #10

The truth is that there is a heaven and hell.

The truth? How do you know it is true? Have you been there? Have ever met anyone who has been there? You might believe it, but that does not make it true.

Answer #11

They were born normally like any other person. They are not born believing another god! They are forced to believe in the god that usually their parents believe.

Answer #12

People wrote the bible, not god… plus, it’s most likely been revised over the ages by others who also thought they were the chosen ones.

Answer #13

God gives all of us free choice-for some of us, we are born into Christian families, others are born into Muslim families, etc. etc. but either way we are free to choose whatever we personally want to believe. And I believe that once we die, we will still be free to choose God and heaven no matter how we lived our lives or who we worshipped, as long as that’s what we really want and we really are sorry for choosing the wrong path. Because I believe that God loves us and doesn’t want anyone to go to hell.

Answer #14

The truth is that there is a heaven and hell. We with our actions decide where were going. God ofcourse wants us to go to heaven. How do we get there by reading his word and obeying his teaching. And asking Jesus to come into our hearts. There are many Gods because we humans have created them with our own hands and minds but only one living GOD and thats Jesus Christ. I encourage you to open the bible and you will find a manual based on our daily living.

Answer #15

God has a wonderful life planned for everyone. even the ones who go to hell. its just that those people didnt make all the right choices. God doesnt tell us every single thing to do. he gives us clues and hints and hopes that we get them. and if we mess up he gives us new options but if people refuse to see Gods way then theyre just gonna make the wrong choices and they go to hell for it

Answer #16

The truth is that there is a heaven and hell.

WRONG. You’d like to think there’s a heaven and hell. If I’d like to think it rains gummy bears in September it doesn’t make it true. Same principle.

There are many Gods because we humans have created them with our own hands and minds but only one living GOD and thats Jesus Christ.

And there’s no possible way that your ‘God’ could have been just the product of a few fertile imaginations right?

I encourage you to open the bible and you will find a manual based on our daily living.

Y’know, funny you should say that. I’ve opened that manual, and would you believe it encourages me to put my gay friends to death and stone insolent children? Guess that’s part of your daily living right? Thanks, but I think I’ll opt for the whole not committing atrocities thing, and risk making your ‘God’ peeved with me. That is, assuming he/she/it has any solid evidence of existing at all.

Answer #17

Well, I am a Muslim and I am NOT Indian. What does Indians have to do with other religions anyway? They are not a religios group they are a nationality broken up in to different religious groups. I am a White Muslim, originating from Europe. We Muslims believe in ONE God, which is the SAME as your God. The difference between Christians and Muslims is that Muslims don’t believe Jesus is the son of God, rather another Prophet and Messenger of God. We have the same prophets as in the Bible; Adam, Abraham, Joseph, Isaac, Joseph, Job, Moses, Aaron, Enoch, Noah, Lot, Ishmael, David, Elijah, Ezekial, Zekariah and even John the Baptist! Only Islamic prophets have ARABIC names because the Quran is written in Arabic. ALLAH means GOD, it’s not a different God. It is the Arabic word for God. In the Arabic Christian Bible, God is also called Allah, see? In Islam, (unlike Christianity) ALL people of the book go to Heaven, yes that includes Christians and Jews. We all have common prophets and common beliefs. Only that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came AFTER Jesus and this is not in the Bible, though the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was mentioned in the Bible. Deuteronomy 18:18, Deuteronomy 33:1-2, Genesis 21:21, Psalms 84:4-6, Isaiah 42:1-13, Genesis 25:13, Habakkuk 3:3, Isaiah 21:13-17, John 16:13, Isaiah 42:10-11. . . And many more!

Just because people don’t believe in Jesus as the Son of God, doesn’t mean they are going to hell. GOOD people will go to Heaven. A murdering Christian? Why should they be allowed in over a devout Muslim or Jew?

Oh and like mojo jojo, I took offense to this question. So would anyone else who was NOT a Christian. You condemning them to Hell.

Answer #18

Everything we are, from our favorite food to our religion; is formed from what personality characteristics we are born with and what experiences we have. Since God supposedly controls all of that, he chooses who will follow him and who will not, who will steal and who will not, who will murder and who will not. He knows everything, he controls everything. There is no choice. Therefore, no loving God would punish someone for something as innocent as not believing in a deity who shows no evidence of himself except an ancient book that could very easily and most likely is false. Seriously, if I wrote a book about a pink elephant name Pinkela which created the universe and punish us because not all of us see how great pink {the chosen color of Pinkela} is. That book would be just as likely to be true as your Bible.

Answer #19

God created us with a chose, we either follow Him or we don’t. God is not an angrey evil tyrant who said, I’m going to make this group worship a false God and send them to hell. NO! He made us with a choice its up to use to chooses. God is the God of love, he’s just, righteous and compassionate and wants all people on the world to turn to him. He made a way for use to have a relationship with him when he sent his only son to die for our sins. If God was the type of God who says, “I’m going to make this one disobey me.” Then what would be the point of his son dying on the cross for our sins (yes you and me)? What would be the point of the Gospel or event the Bible for that matter?

At the end of the day its our choice, that’s how he made up :)

Answer #20

It is not a choice for me. I see no evidence of his existence, therefore I can not just accept he does simply becasue there is an ancient book written by superstitious men.

And being that I can’t possibly belive something with no evidence, yet I am still a good person, your god will send me to hell. That does not sound like a just, righteous and compassionate god. He sound like an egotistical sadist to me.

Answer #21

Personally I think that other Gods are the same God we believe in. Yes the name may be different hut I think it’s the same person (God). For example: I call my mom mommy, my brothers call her mom, my cousins call her tia Ester, my tia calls her Sister and her friends call her Mari but yet she is the same person just given different names…hope I made sense if not just ignore my comment.

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