Do people ignorant of God go to Hell?

Or people raised in a religion opposite of christianity for that matter.

Answer #1

say someone who was raised to believe in a different god and died in that belief. Is it like too bad, born in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Answer #2

This is the problem with religion I think, the three major issues is the interpretation made by people I.e too many tend to over analyze it, be too critical and try to preach or “recruit” others unto their beliefs.

I don’t believe by rejecting the word God or Christianity will cause you to be expelled from heaven into hell or what not. I believe that living a life set with morals and respect in other human life and this includes others beliefs. Too many people try to condemn others for there beliefs or there understandings on what is religion and what is faith that everybody forgets just to have faith in being a good person and living as that.

I believe that those who don’t follow the word of the bible or Christianity but have an understanding of it so as they are not ignorant to it but reject it and lead a good life will still be granted the gift of heaven. And if others believed this as well then there would be less war and prejudice against others and their beliefs. And a whole lot less “preaching” and wouldn’t we all love that (even though my own personal beliefs are on God I don’t feel the need to make others follow me)

Answer #3

…imply that a missionary can actually cause more people to go to hell, by introducing christianity to people who don’t accept it?

Absolutely, under the modern Christian teachings.

A lot of people who preach any religion can’t fathom a society (and there are many, I’ve been to several) where people can’t watch televangelists on the television, acquire a religios text (ANY religious text) in a local book store OR attend a church.

So, given the missionary model (eg, Islam, Christian, Catholic, etc, etc) you’re condemning people by spreading the word…because they have an opportunity to reject the teachings, rather than to embrace them :) Presented with no choice, eg, living in ignorance, doesn’t preclude them from going to the fabled Christian afterlife…


I love sophistry.

Answer #4

Everybody has there own beliefs and sometimes that is good, because if you were never taught the word of the lord or told to be good but still followed a rightous and true path through life arent you just as deserving or even moreso of those who were taught to believe?? Because in a way - You found your way on the path to God without a guide I do very much believe in God up in heaven, Jesus and the holy spirit and know in my heart that my faith is strong. I believe we are all tested in different ways some are not taught about Christianity or God so they believe in something else but I don’t believe these people will go to hell or be denied heaven as long as they have faith in all that is good and follow a moral and loving path through life I believe this is the true road to God and the bible is more of a guide along this path then it is to be followed word by word.

Answer #5

well you can belive in A god..doesn’t have to be Jesus. Though I think jesus is the right one, defintiely, I also belive in an all encompassing spirit. but yeah, Curiosity is right. satanists (ehem, I see that 666 there…what’s up with that) and anteists do not go to heaven. I used to study different religions when I was in school (and yes I had a book of shadows, and a satanic bible…I was never satanic, but it was interesting to read about their beliefs. it’s funny really…satan is their god. which makes no sense…) you know what is a great book, it’s called the Tempest Tales by Walter Mosley, it’s the first of the series and it’s a really great book. basically he questions god’s rules about heaven and hell. you should read it, it’s really good and got me really thinking. I can’t explain it, you really would have to read it your self. It’s one of my favorite books now, it’s really something else.

Answer #6

People will be judged on the light that they have.

If they know about God, and his provision, and turn away from it, there is nothing else that can save them.

Answer #7

There is no physical hell. There is just a metaphorical and mythical hell. I guess I would answer “possibly” depending on which way you view hell.

Answer #8

As you can see from the responses, most christians seem to believe that their (loving, merciful) god cheerily dooms the vast majority of humanity to eternal torment for not believing in something that they never even had the opportunity to hear about. Isn’t he such a wonderful omnipotent being?

Answer #9

Ignorant people are the ones believing in god. . .the higher the level of education and intelligence a person has the less likely they are to be religious. Read “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. My favorite quote: “There will always be evil people doing evil things, but for good people to do evil things. . .that takes religion.”

Answer #10

Astronauts have been to heaven. There are no gods living up there.

The gods living in the sky, turn out to be nothing more than planets and stars.

The ancients who made those stories up were more ignorant than us, not more wise.

Answer #11

So for those of you who believe that someone who never hears of christianity yet leads a “good life” can go to heaven, doesn’t that imply that a missionary can actually cause more people to go to hell, by introducing christianity to people who don’t accept it? Wouldn’t the best possible outcome be everyone ignorant of christianity, and going to heaven or not based on their own merits, rather than whether or not they accepted your religion?

Answer #12

To what I understand in the christain religoin if someone was never told about God before they die then they do not go to hell. the same thing would apply to children. If my 7month old ddaughter left us (God forbid) accordain to the christain religion she wasnt able to grasp the consept of God and Jesue so she would not go to hell. accordian to those that said yes she would go to hell.

however accordian to some christians if you made a commetment to God and was on your way to get batized and died them you were still saved. accordian to others because you didnt get physicaly batized you wernt saved. alittle off subject but I thought I would through it out there

Answer #13

It’d be more complicated than whether or not you’ve been exposed to Christianity though, wouldn’t it? I wanted to believe but was unable to. I’m not an unbeliever because I don’t like religion or because I don’t want to change. I’m an unbeliever because, after honest searching, I couldn’t find a good reason to think that any given religion was true. Am I damned for being truthful with myself?

Answer #14

The bible is what most American use cause its the normal thing to do when it come to religion. And middle eastern people most use the quran its the normal thing to do. And so on. One person said his/she study with his/her pastor dad. Well the Imam son study with his to and believe Islam is correct. Parent have the duty to raise their children in what ever they practice then its up to the child once adult to find his/her way and that’s only done by talking and studying other faiths.

Answer #15

I think that if someone has never had the oppurtunity to know God they would not automatically go to hell. Its different from having the oppurtunity and choosing not to take it.

Answer #16

im pretty sure everyone get’s a chance, no I dont think it would be fair- if they weren’t exposed to it, to send them to hell. but God has mercy, so I believe everyone hear’s of it some way.

if you refuse God, when you die- he refuses you.

Answer #17

Do you honestly think thats fair?

Answer #18

I dont see why it would matter if people belived in a different deity, it is their choice to belive why worry about what others might think. I think it is there coice. I mean I am an atheist.

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