Why carry a weapon?

Why do people carry guns & knifes? At the moment, all I’m hearing in the news is, someones been murdered for the slightist thing, like, he lives in the next street, or your in my way. Whats wrong with these people?

Answer #1

My step-son has a concealed hangun permit and carries a pistol with him everywhere. The thing is he has lived in nice neighborhoods his whole life and as far as I know doesn’t even know anyone who has been a victim of violent crime. I guess he feels like he needs it to defend himself none the less.

I looked at all the statistics for and against guns. If you look at the NRA’s statistics it looks like we live in constant danger and we’d be a fool not to be packing. If you look at gun control advocate’s statistics it looks like privately owned guns are ineffective against crime and put your family in constant mortal danger.

Obviously if you find yourself in the very unlikely situation where someone is trying to kill or maim you having a gun would be very handy. The rest of the time it is a liability.

The best I can determine a handgun is more likely to get you into trouble than to get out out of trouble. That’s why I don’t carry one. I can see how for someone else the equation might be different (I.e. being a woman who travels alone, having a stalker, etc).

Answer #2

aight bout this I carry a handgun and because I live near chicago its bad where I am at anytime someone could try to kill me or rob me and its just best people have something on them to protect themselfs weather its a knife or a pistal but the best thing to do is keep the saftey on and use it when it needs to be used

Answer #3

I have a better question. Why NOT carry a weapon?

I carry a knife and a lighter with me everywhere I go, because you never know when you might need either. If you’re lost in the woods or jungle, your knife is your best friend, and it’s easier to light a lighter than make your own fire.

As for carrying guns: why not? If you were shopping at the mall and some crazy guy comes running through the mall shooting at everyone, wouldn’t it be nice if someone else shopping in the mall was also carrying a gun and whipped there’s out and shot him down? Problem solved. No more dead people.

Answer #4

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need one, you’ll understand why people carry them. I rarely carry, but occasionally do if I have to go somewhere that I don’t feel is safe.

I also keep a gun. It’s in a quick-release safe under my bed. Because it’s locked up and I’m the only one with the combination, I don’t think it poses any risk to the family, but at the same time, I have quick access to it if we ever need it.

Answer #5

Here in the UK, we do have a gun banning law, that if caught with one, carrys a mandatory 5 year prison sentence. But because its only kids who carry them on the streets, there seems to be a loop hole in this system. Houses are raided to get these weapons off the streets, yet these kids still walk the streets, smug as you like. Until they kill someone, is it then they are arrested, ruining two young lifes. Me thinks these kids need educated on violence, & its outcome..

Answer #6

“unlike you, I carry a weapon every were I go. A BRAIN” haha. Srry my friend has that shirt and I luv it!!

Answer #7

Guns are illegal in Japan too, in fact they have some of the most strictest gun regulation laws around. It’s also an island, but the Yakuza STILL manage to smuggle all sorts of weapons in. If they can get away with smuggling that stuff in overseas, across borders should be no problem. In the end, banning guns doesn’t do much of anything, but yeah, I think it all just depends on where you live. There are a lot of really stupid people here in America, and we probably have that to thank for some if not most of the violent stuff that goes down. But then again, I’m not sure what’s stupider, stupid people misusing firearms, or stupid people wanting to get rid of them.

“Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.”

True that.

Answer #8

It’s illegal to carry a weapon in my country, period. Only Police officers, Armed Defenders Squad and the Army are allowed to carry guns in public areas. Sure, that doesn’t stop the occasional crazy from carrying a weapon and trying to do stuff, but in those situations you also having a weapon might just make the situation worse. I guess it all depends where you live - after all, the US is probably the country that has the most people carrying weapons due to the “right to bear arms” policy. Here in NZ, if someone pulls a gun on someone, it usually ends up on the National News, whether a bullet is fired or not. And people are complaining here that things are going to hell because on average 1 person is being killed once every two weeks.

Answer #9

Well guns are illegal in my country too, (UK) but it still doesn’t stop them using them. Like I said there’s a 5 year mandatory prison sentence if caught in possesion of a fire arm. We’re not talking criminals here, we’re talking kids, as young as 10 years old who are on the streets in gangs, shooting other kids in rival gangs. I know life is different in the US, where its ok to carry them to defend yourself from the local village idiot, but over here, my generation & our for fathers (apart from the criminals), were brought up with no weaponry in our homes. It seems to be glamorous in the UK at the moment to be ‘TOOLED UP’.

Answer #10

I have a carry permit and usually keep a pistol in my car, I rarely carry.

If we banned guns… do you think the criminals would care? No, they’d still have guns. Then law abiding citizens wouldn’t and it’d just make things easier for criminals.

Guns (and knives for that matter) aren’t bad… it’s the user that makes it bad.

Plus it’s the second amendment… something very important to keep our country in check.

xox Sika

Answer #11

its kill or be killed

Answer #12

Simple they are crazy lol, they think they can be something like street king if they do like that.

Answer #13

It’s illegal in Australia too…Thankfully :)

Answer #14

I carry a knife on me all the time. I live in a safe town but its good to have. When someone pulls a knife on you because there crazy at least I would have one too

Answer #15

Did you know the very first gun banning laws in the world were in the UK, more than 700 years ago?

And every single incident of mass murder in the US over the past decade was from guns, not knives (the 9/11 incident is the only exception…but you could argue the weapon was a plane, not a knife).

…I’ve always wondered, based on the above, why it is that people need to carry weapons. Personally, I think neither the police NOR the public should carry guns, and all hunting should be done with a bow & arrow. Far more sporting that way ;)

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