Which is better American weapons or Russian weapons?

So I’ve been doing some reading on the internet about various rifles, hand guns, and etc. I decided to do this because I made a comment about the American M16a2 to which my friend replied “American weapons suck dick”, Of course contrary to what I’ve heard my entire life. so I decided to do some research to see for myself but cant formulate my own oppinion based off of what I’ve read because I dont have enough info. Perhaps you could put forth your own oppinions? (Please no pre-teens making call of duty references, I’m only interested in the real deal.) PS: if the entirety of the American and Russian arsenal is too much to cover I’d be content with just a comparison of the M16a2 and whichever service rifle is currently in use in Russia (I’m not sure what the standard is since ak-47’s haven’t been used by the Russians since the 60’s) Veterans/weapons experts input is much appreciated.

Answer #1

Both have the weaknesses and strengths. Probably comes down to your opinion.

Answer #2

well the american M16 is the standard by which all other assault rifles are measured, the M16 platform has inspired many variants and a multitude of calibers larger than the issue 5.56mm. the M16 is realiable and accurate and despite its small size the 5.56mm cartridge can do nasty things. the current russian military rifle is the AK 74 which uses a smaller higher velocity round- the 5.45 x 39 cartridge was the russians answer to our own 5.56mm and uses a small projectile with an air space in the tip of the full metal jacket bullet to cause deformity upon impact and create a nastier wound channel. in common terms the M16 is the ferrari of weapons while the russian AKs are the volkswagons- the AK rifle in whichever version ( the 7.62x39 or the 5.45x39) will be found on battlefields for quite some time. it is cheaper to produce and can tolerate mud and sand quite well because of the looser tolerances in its design. the M16 is produced with tighter mechanical tolerances to achieve greater accuracy and good reliability, but can become messed up if too much sand and grit get into the mechanism- so it does need to be maintained by the soldiers carrying it. i would say that technically speaking the american arsenal is slightly ahead of anything the russians have designed- this goes for their small arms all the way up to jet fighters and heavy armored tanks.

Answer #3

there is way too much information to cover here so if you wish to funmail me with any further quetions you may have feel free to do so.

Answer #4

well in a sense the AK-47 is very reliable because you can put it through alot and it still fires great during vietnam the M-16 had issues jamming so they made the M16A1 which was alot better and could handle the stresses. but in all truth it depends on who is firing the weapon the conditions they are fighing in and what type of ammo is being used

Answer #5

Probably American.

Answer #6


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