why can't I sleep at night?

why can’t I sleep at night? I cant get to sleep till about 5am or sometimes 7am its so annoying..then I end up sleeping all day and I know people say sometimes you cant sleep if your thinking to much but im not thinking anything..I sound like a nutter at the moment lol but yeah..what can I do to help have a normal sleeping pattern?

Answer #1

Don’t drink coffee or coke at night, also when you get up (which I assume is late in the day) go do some real excercise to really tire yourself out. Could result in sleeping sooner.

Answer #2

Sometimes I listen to soothing music to help me go to sleep. Having no lights on will also help.

I also will make a dream up in my head and eventually I just fall asleep.

Answer #3

OMG I totally have the same problem as you right now here where I live its 5:00AM and I cant sleep yet, but then I end up sleeping like around 7AM and wake up super late like at 3PM or so I think the best thing to do would be just wakeup early like around 11-10AM and even if we are sleepy to just stay awake for the whole day and when its night for sure you might be sleepy since you didnt get your full rest of sleep I’ve been wanting to do that I did it once and it helped but I also love staying up late at night so thats why I havent done it lol :)

Answer #4

~sleeping pills~ ..yeahh, I’m useless.

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