Do Americans like the British accent?

so there really is no need for a ‘who’ at the begginning of my Q but it wouldnt let me post anyways lol so basically do Americans like the british accent? Just wondering because I’m amazed by the American accent lol, I absolutley LOVE it :D

Answer #1

If I could date a great guy with a british accent, I would be the happiest person in the world! My friends and I imitated the british accent one day at a local amusement park and everyone thought we were actually british! Its a fun accent and its also very hot. american accents…not so much lol.

Answer #2

we dont all sound like pierce brosnan :p

scottish citys, towns sound different… welsh citys, towns sound different..

now if you want to know the original english accent then its the coventry accent ;)

they sound almost like a cockney (londener) but not quite..

and my accent is the best, im sorry but it is and ill fight anyone that disagrees lol

Answer #3

British accents are cool! I like to imitate it when I’m giddy!

Answer #4

ya its pretty awesome I guess just because its different

Answer #5

Looove it!!! So sexy!!! Well if you say some casual stuff and not talk proper I looove it :) <33

Answer #6

It is an awsome accent and It is great on the guys in the Harry Potter movies am I right?

Answer #7

I don’t know…I guess it sounds sexy in some guys.(For me!Lol!)I think it’s just so amazing and something we can’t have…so we love it so much I don’t think the American accent is cool…other accents are cool!British is my fav.!!!Makes me melt to the floor!Lol!

Answer #8

Like in my opinion I think that it the british accent is the sexiest accent in like the whol world. I met this guy who has the cutest british accent. So yeah I guess we are attracted to the accent that y’all have.

Hearts & Roses

Answer #9

I can’t wait till I’m older and I caan go to USA and meet some American guys haha. I’m obsessed with the American accent!

Answer #10

British accents on men are really hot in my opinion… But I have trouble actually believing that there is such a thing as an American accent! I can’t even tell lol.

Answer #11

There most certainly is an American accent lol! and I absolutley love it! I would quite happily swap my British one for an American one haha

Answer #12

omg I love that accent I can do it myself actually lol I’ve done it before at the mall and people believe im from over there I love it!! and its hot on guys hahaha :)

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