Do you understand the british accent?

Sometimes is difficult to me to understand the british accent, what about you, i wonder if they have problems understanding the american accent what do you think?

Answer #1

I have a hard time understand too so I kindly ask them to repeat what they say

Answer #2

I can understand British accents fine :) If its really really thick tho, I might have trouble. Idk if they have a hard time understanding our accent, but probably not. They can probably understand, but think we just say stuff differently, yanno?

Answer #3

Generally, yes. My Dad and his family are British.

Answer #4

Depends on the accent. I have no trouble understanding BBC announcers. English speakers with a heavy Cockney or an Irish Brogue are another matter though.

I grew up on the Canadian boarder so I have a mixture of mid-West and Canadian accent and several Brits visiting the states have told me I was the first American they talked to who they could understand.

Answer #5

No problem with the English/British accent, as it is my accent :D But, it is hard to understand like, Cockney, Scottish, Welsh etc. I’ve kinda got an accent like the people on Harry Potter. And yeah, American accents can be a bit confusing sometimes. But it’s pretty straightforward compared to others! :)

Answer #6

I have no trouble.

Answer #7

Yea, It’s pretty easy. When I was younger I always wondered what “Boodly Hell” meant. XD Now I know. I like their accents in the movie V for Vendetta(that Mask is so sexy and his hair omfg!!! XD).

Answer #8

Of course. Unless they have a crazy cockney or scottish accent. In general british people are very easy to understand.

Answer #9

I can! completely but I also am half british and have spent a period of time with british people.

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