Is it true that it isn't a "British" accent but an "English" accent?

Where did the word “British” originate from? Just read a comment it said “There’s no such thing as a British accent. Only English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh.”

Answer #1

Look at it this way, we live in america we all have american accents but different parts of the states have their own dialect and tbey sound a little different. Like people from Jersey have Jersey accents but it’s still american. That’s the way I think of it. English is the accent used broadly. & I would guess the word british originated from Britian. :L

Answer #2

Thanks. :3

Answer #3

Even when you say someone has an English accent, it could mean one of many different accents. People in the south west don’t sound like people from Yorkshire, for example. There are many many different English accents… Many London accents, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester,.. check one of my videos for a good selection!

The word “Britain” is from the latin name for the British isles, Brittania.

Answer #4

British is just a small united states thing…we got 4 states n you got 50 +sumin…no one speaks british …we all speak english with our own accents…and accents do change as little as 20 miles away,even 5 miles in rural spots…extreme changes are only as little as 30 mile apart…Saying some one speaks british is like saying you americans speak united statesish ,init?

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