How can I speak with a british accent?

So I am absolutely in love with british accents and I would like to know how to go about speaking with them. I am not trying to offend any one I just would love to have an alter ego that has a british accent plus I need it for a play and my “accent “ sucks so I would love it if some one could help me a little bit. Love you always ~maddiey

Answer #1

Depends what you mean by a ‘British accent’… :P

Answer #2

there are lots of different types of british accents. I would deffo trade with you ! - I LOVE American accents! Just keep practicing I guess lol

Answer #3

I can’t answer your question, because I don’t think I’ve heard an American do a good ‘British’ accent - perhaps it is impossible? perhaps we are inimitable? But either way, feel free to continue to revere us, particularly me, north American women :)

Answer #4

You could watch a lot of movies with British accents in it. Or you could go to anywhere where you might find find someone who currently has one.. Because usually, if you are around something enough, you tend to pick up on it. :)

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