Can people with British accents do American accents well?

I was just wonder what it sounded like cause i’ve never heard any british person try.

Answer #1

what kind of question is that

Answer #2

I really stupid one but i was just wondering.

Answer #3

i think its a freakin epic question! i wonder the same thing everyday!

Answer #4

lol thank you.

Answer #5

Most people with British accents can cover the entire British Isles when it comes to accents. I think it’s because there are so many we’re exposed to in such a small country. By the time I was 9, my sister and I had mastered Scots, Yorkshire, Welsh, Irish, Liverpool and Dorset accents. We used an old tape recorder and pretended one was interviewing the other. We are much older now and still do them without thinking. Drives my mother mad.

Answer #6

Well there isn’t really a ‘British’ accent, but that aside, let’s consider that the English are also British so yes, but, like other countries there are many regional accents in Britain and England, so it’s more of a question which regional English accent other people from Britain can do.

Answer #7

i know right after i posted the question i told myself that i should have refrased

Answer #8

If I pronounce my words propally then I do have like the British accent from like the movies.

Answer #9

What do you mean you can be English and British at the same time. England is a country within Great Britain.

Answer #10

i meant can people with british accents do american accents

Answer #11

American accents are really hard. Now I live in North America and still can’t even do one! But there are some good English actors in American TV shows and movies who do a really good job of it.

Answer #12

i meant can people with british accents do american accents

Answer #13

rob pattinson can…twilight is proof! lol so i suppose…and some chineese people can talk like a american…i dont really know…i guess its cause british english language is very similar to american english language…and we talk almost the same but they just add more roughness and strongness to the way they talk…

Answer #14

Yes, I can do just about any accent :P. Oh btw not everyone from Britain talks like the queen, probably just people from Chelsea lol.

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