Where is it written that muslims can't date outside their religion?

I am a catholic woman married to a very loving muslim man for the past 5 years. We dated for 3 years before we got married. His parents are the nicest people I know. Who says that religion matters if people really love each other?

Answer #1

Your not supposed to Love the guy or even think of staying together with him if he’s muslim .. People fall in and out of love .. Ull find another guy that might be even better for you .

Answer #2

I dont think religion should matter in a relationship at all. after all, every religion is just a different path to God, to fulfillment. God is One. Its us who gives Him different names. He is perfection personified. And by discriminating on basis of religion, or showing the other religion higher or lower, we are degrading ourselves. We pray to God for everything to go perfectly, for happiness, for positvity. Then why the negativity!? Live and Let Live I say :) I wish both of you all the happines in the world :)

Answer #3

As far as I can see, from the short amount of research I’ve done, it seems muslim men, according to certain interpretations of the holy scriptures, can marry women who believe in God (I.e. Jewish or Christian), but not others. Regardless, in answer to your question of ‘Who says that religion matters if people really love each other?’, uhm people who choose to interpret their religion in that manner? People will obviously do what they will. Things only become a problem if they allow it to. Now, I will say this, it is unusual for muslim families to be accepting of non muslims. You are lucky that way. My family belongs to the most liberal sect of Islam there is (most muslims dont even consider them to be muslim), and yet even within the liberal culture, it is rare for people to marry outsiders.

Answer #4

Maybe the are not too religious, Usually in Islam is not such a big deal a man to marry a non Muslim..she just convert and they get married..now with women its different. Parents are strict. Normally in Islam when a couple gets divorce the husband keeps the children..so he keeps his job, he keeps his house and he keeps his children and the woman gets returned to her parents house..with no job, no kids, no life.

Answer #5

No, that is not always the case Makip, it depends on the age of the children and what the children want, teenage girls are better off with their mother most of the time, and children who are under 7 years old must stay with their mother. Muslim women work! My mothers works, so do all my Aunties.. Don’t generalise! And Muslim women have a life.. I don’t know what on earth you are going on about.

Muslim men can marry any woman of the “book”.. a Muslim, Christian or Jew. Why? Because in all three of these Semitic religions, the religion of the father is always the religion of the children. So that is why Muslim women are supposed to marry Muslim men, so that the children will be Muslims. Women don’t have to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim.

To Bigjo, (I can’t tell if it’s a j or an I, sorry!) religion will only come in to the occasion if you have children, do you want your children to be Catholic? It can still work, either way, if you are both responsible and mature, which you sound.

I wish you both the best.. Good luck

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