Can Muslims date outside their religion?

If Muslim, can you date outside your religion? Is this a religions rule? Or possibly just a mother’s?

Answer #1

muslim men and muslim women are not allowed to date it is forbidden a muslim man can marry a girl that is christian catholic jew etc a female can only marry a muslim male there is no such thing as dating in islam just replying to the advice given above
if a muslim man marries a non muslim women
children have to be muslim

Answer #2

Well I dated a Muslim for four years I love him still but now all we are are friends he claims that he still loves me but he doesn’t think its right to date but still wants to have sex with me I am confused is he just using me and like I said he says wallah I still love you but I cant marry you but still wants sex what do I do? I thought having sex before marriage was forbidden as well?

Answer #3

I’m a muslim. in islam, you have to convert to islam to marry him. true, we muslims arent suppose to date, but we break the rules. but we dont break important rules like marrying different religions.

Answer #4

Ya I think so, but he cant cheat on his wife if he’s married can he?!!

Answer #5

The Quran says you shall marry a submitter…”(submitter = Muslim) God is talking to everyone here so I dont know were you guys got that a Muslim man can marry anyone…

Answer #6

but if that guy convert to islam that muslim gal can marry him ryte???

Answer #7

Muslims cannot date before marriage.I can quote scripture and hadith,so do ask me if you are interested.You can however, marry someone of those who follow the Book (this refers to Christians at the time of Mohammed more better interpreted these days by the Egyptian Orthodox Church and Jews ).If you still want to go ahead,do so but recognise that you are going against scripture you believe.On my part, I’m an atheist so don’t have issues like these.

Answer #8

in islam man can marry to catholic and jewes women (even they can keep their faith).

Answer #9

a muslim man can get married to anyone they’de like, but a muslim woman has to get maried to a muslim man.

Answer #10

If the father is muslim and the woman is another religion, what are the rules for when kids are bourn. Can they be any religion?

Answer #11

So I would be able to date a muslim man even with me being catholic?

Answer #12

yes they can date whoever they want! because im datin a muslim and im catholic there its proved!

Answer #13

My mother was not a Muslim but when she got married to my dad she had to convert as with all other religions. I had to do a prayer to convert to hinduism before I got married. Long ago though Muslims were supposed to marry to Muslims but as time went by and religions and customs mixed this changed. Some Muslims however still believe there should be no mixing. I guess it depends on where and how they were taught.

yanice- answer to your question is that no they are supposed to be Muslims because as soon as the child is born the azaan is whispered into his/her ears and this christens the child. Again, in a modern society this rule does always apply. My father did it to all of his four children but when we got older we decided what religion we wanted to follow. My father’s or mother’s or husband’s. I still got to the Mosque, I also go to the Temple and I go to the Ashram(Kabir Panth which is my chosen religion).

I believe that there is only ONE GOD called in many different ways by man.

Answer #14

MUSLIMS R’NT ALLOWED TO DATE!!!…astagfirullah!shakes head in utter disbelief

islamically…its forbidden for a boy and a girl to touch it they can get married…marriage is the ONLY option!

if your dating a muslim…then you shud break up with him/her because its totally against the islamic religion!!…some people are so0o LOST!!…GOD HELP THIS UMMAH…cries

Answer #15

im in bahrain(a muslim country) and my boyfriend for 2 years is a muslim…males are OK to date before marriage and can marry anyone and d book…but females, NO ( no dating (althought some are doing secretly)

Answer #16

Muslims arent allowed to date at all in or out of their religion.Courtship is forbidden as it may lead to sexual activity before marriage,

Answer #17

Listen girl. Follow your heart. If it says that this is the guy for you and he thinks the same way about you then go for it and forget his mother. She’ll eventually accept it. But if he is only listening to his mother then you may have a problem because later on he’ll definitely take issues to your religion. Weigh the situation and if you think you should go ahead with the relationship then by all means go for it. We are in the 21st century now. Good luck.

I had problems with my religion and my husband’s. His mother didn’t like that I was a muslim so I broke it off and he didn’t care so we started it back and we are now married with two lovely children and his mother has accepted me.

Answer #18

I want to go out with a muslim and I have no religion but I believe in Islam!!

Answer #19

every one is dating with every one, but when it comes to religion MUSLIM(he/she) can not date within his/her religion

Answer #20

I don’t really know so I might be wrong but I don’t think so .

Answer #21

In answer to your question, the Quran (the highest authority for any Muslim as it is considered to be the untainted word of the Creator), a Muslim man may marry Muslim, Jewish or Christian women (also the Magians of Iran) as they are considered revealed religions and all are monotheistic with a stated belief in the last day. Importantly, the woman who is not Muslim can choose to retain her religion, while a mutual respect between husband and wife in terms of religions is a universal concept anyway. Thus marriage is possible and happens regularly. However mixing of the sexes is not encouraged, so strictly speaking, in a Muslim society, dating anybody would be considered taboo. Since we are talking about a western society, I would suggest that dating with a view to marriage and a culture of mutual desire to learn everything about the other should be considered. Sorry if my explanation is a little verbose but I’ll be glad to answer any further queries ASAP Thanx

Answer #22

actually..muslim men cant marry jewish women. judaism is matriarchal (ms?); religion is passed through the mother, not father like in other religions. actual dating is up for interpretation..I think it depends on what you do while dating. having premarital sex is forbidden so I think thats why a lot of people say dating is forbidden..because they think people will sleep with eachother. the main reasoning behind this I think is so that the religion grows (the children will be muslim)..

Answer #23

Okay, I am a converted muslim of sorts. I am not very religious, but I am a very spiritual person. My wife’s family is Muslim so therefore for her to date me, I technically had to be Muslim. I converted without any big ceremonies or hooplah, just to date and then marry my wife without any problems with consent. Had the roles been switched and I was the Muslim and she was the outsider, then since I am a man she wouldn’t have had to go through what I did to be with me. A little sexist, but I don’t make the rules or practice a lot of my religions tenants for that reason. Spirituality is a personal thing and communion with god doesn’t need to happen where other people can see that you do and that you are a good person.

Answer #24

Technically muslims are not allowed to date outside of marriage, neither men nor women, but a large majority of the men do date outside of marriage also some women but mostly men, I am not sure why this is though. I have been dating a muslim lad for nearly two years now and I am athiest but of course his family don’t know about me and im sure that if they did, I would have to convert muslim in order to be accepted. In Islam it is said to be Haram to date outside of marriage so it is a rule of islam and not just a mother’s rule x

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