Can Muslims marry outside of Islam?

Im very confused at the whole Islam religion, see I was dating a muslim for about three years and his parents didnt have a problem with it but about five months ago they decided to break us up because I wasnt muslim…His parents said that if I wanted to be with him I would need to convert to Islam which at that point I was not sure what do do because my family is christian. I decided to not do it and thats when they started insulting me and using really bad use of words. Til now me and him talk but we are not allowed to see each other so one day I decided to call his parents and tell them that I would convert not because to be with him but becuase I had done research about Islam and I was drawn into it. they decided that I wasnt doing it by heart but just to be with their son. What I dont get is that the Quran says that muslims can marry Christians and jews and when I tried telling that to his parents they denied it…I want to know if muslims can really marry christians? and do I need to convert in order to marry him? Would I be ok if I converted to Islam?

Answer #1

As of 3/25/08: According to the website Islam Watch, in Russia, some two million ethnic Muslims converted to Christianity last year. Ten thousand French Muslims converted, as did 35,000 Turkish Muslims. In India, approximately 10,000 people abandoned Islam for Christianity

Answer #2

You stated: I decided to not do it and thats when they started insulting me and using really bad use of words <<< - If that’s not a RED FLAG, I don’t know what is - THAT speaks volumes !!

Answer #3

The major cornerstone of belief in Islam is in the unity of God. Islam denounces trinity and polytheism. The central concept is that all human beings are created by God. He is the only one who is all powerful. He has no form and no human or entity can equal Him.

God says in the Quraan that there are Christians and Jews who believe in the Unity of God and also believe in the prophet hood of Muhammad (peace be upon him). They also believe that Jesus, Moses, Abraham and all other prophets were God sent pious men of great character. However they still believe that they were human beings. Looking like us. Eating like us. Sleeping like us etc.

A Muslim can marry of such people outside of Islam besides within his own religion. God says that the polytheist women are for the polytheist men, the pious women for the pious men and vice versa.

I hope it answers your question. And God knows best !!

Answer #4

A Muslim can marry whomever they want as long as they are too Muslim regardless of ethnicity, colour etc. I think it’s pathetic that his parents would use in such a manner and verbally abuse you. Whether you want to revertor not is totally upto and you can take as much time needed to decide what religion you choose to be apart of. On the other both of you sound mature enough to know what your getting into and his parents should leave at that, they shouldn’t be involved with who he get’s to date; that is completely your personal business and they should well butt out!

If he really dos care for you and wants to be with you then he won’t or shouldn’t go along with the arranged marriage. I feel that both families need to come togeather, clear out the differences, support you in whatever decision you make and respect what the two of you want because it’s not about them, it’s about you!!

Answer #5

no muslims should mary muslims alike this is because in islam marriage is not only sexual relations but it is part of religious activities which has its own principles and there will be other related things such as inheritance in which islam has its own defined system therefore if muslim would mary outside islam there will be conflict of interest and logically since muslims has there own religion and other also have another religion ,faith cannot be shared lets everyone mary the like ,because islam is a complete code of life which consist s of culture including mariage it will be impossible for the practising of islam outside islamic marriage

Answer #6

Muslim not by saying Muslim by doing what God say, and as trust_no_one6 maybe they don’t want you to marry him and they make accuse for that. And ask a God if he is good for you. If he is good then you will marry him if no one agree.

Answer #7

thats what I thought, the thing is when I tried to go to the mosque, and I told my mother she kicked me out at the time I did have somewhere to go but now if I do I have nowhere to go, and I highly doubt his family will accept me!

Answer #8

I think no. Im comfused too. I like a Christian and Islam guy. But I like the Christian more then the Islam. So can I date him? My friends says even muslims can’t date someone outside Islam

Answer #9

Forgot to tell. That my mother was actually Budha. And my Father is Islam. They love each other but when they want to marry, my father don’t want to convert(spellings?) to Budha so now my mother is Muslim.

Answer #10

hey dear, yes muslims men can marry outside of islam and its mentioned in quran, and you don’t have to be an arab to marry him,actually his family are only making excuses, and they didn’t have the right to insult you ,cause forcing anyone to be amuslim is not allowed in islam, and the choice is in his hands if he really loves you so he should marry you cause you did all what it takes to keep your love alive, and don’t worry about them arranging him a marriage cause if he is aman enough he will say no and make it clear that you are the only one for him, as for your mom just tell her that the choice is only yours about converting to islam, and don’t be afraid of anything cause god will be with you, but I want you to think carefully about it and don’t do anything unless you are really convinced of it, I wish you luck.

Answer #11

It may not be that the Muslims say it is wrong to marry a Christian

It may be his parents for some reason or another dont want you to be with him, my family are strong Christians and they wont let me date anyone who is from another religion for the simple reason they think they will tempt me away from faith

This may be the same situation that they are in they dont want their son to be converted to Chirstianity as they see it as wrong (im not sure)

why dont you say you dont feel right converting to another religion but go along to some of the meetings and see what you think, listen to what is being said and see what you think

At the same time it may be God telling you that you shouldnt be with your x. I dont know

how does your x feel about the situation?

Answer #12

At first he didnt mind me converting into muslim but then his parents threatened him in kicking him out of the house if he stayed with me, so I decided to tell him to just be friends and wait til everything settled down. The thing is his father’s brothers married outside their religion and race so me and my ex are confused at the fact that why would his father have a problem with it. We still have a very strong relationship but what is killing us is that we cant see each other at all..if we do we have to do it when everyone is not around! I dont have a problem in converting I just wouldnt know what to say to my mother!!

Answer #13

Its wrong for a muslim to marry a non believer.

It is also VERY WRONG for you to convert to be with someone.

I noticed you have another question done today and it looks like you decided to convert I think its pretty sad if you dont believe and want to convert. The relationship will be a lie.

Though being a muslim is something that I wish everybody could experience for the right reasons.

Answer #14

That I know, I got to the point where I just put everything in his hands…what makes me upset is that his family isnt so religious, his mother never prays and she was addicted to vicadin for awhile. His father was the one that was more into the religion but they never enforced it on their kids. they considered me to be a bad influence for their son when in reality his son was always good and well-behaved when he was with me. Now that he is not he is drinking, smoking, going to strip clubs without them knowing all of this!

Answer #15

Thats what I told them when I was reading the Quran and I qoute “you cannot enforce a religion on someone it has come by heart” but they started telling me that if I love him I would do it.. I know that they are not allowed to date either and when I went to ask them why didnt they stop it three years ago before we started dating, they couldnt answer me! I was going to convert into muslim because I dont consider myself christian at all, and Islam is something so amazing but im scared of my family to disown me…Going back to the religion his parents also told me that I had to be Arab in order to marry him too which I find very weird!!

Answer #16

No one can enforce you to be what you don’t and if you want then do it and don’t think about what your family will say just put your trust in your God. About being Arab it’s not necessary you don’t need to be Arabic to marry him.

Answer #17

dear I can,t say any thing about thin stuff\

Answer #18

Don’t think too much if he is for you then no one can takes him from you

Answer #19

When you put your trust in the God, he will never you let you down

Answer #20

In the begging your friend family are wrong when they asked you to become Muslim because in our religion (Islam) is not allowed to push people to become Muslim and they don’t want it and using bad words is not allowed in our religion. Answering your question about can you marry Muslim and you are not Muslim. It’s not allowed you must become Muslim by you heart then you can marry him.

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