Can muslim like a buddhist?

I’m a mum was a buddhist but before she marry my dad, she converted to islam and she’s now kinda into it..d prob is, I’m in love with a buddhist..but I dun mind at all..I heard that he once said that he’s not gonna date other races due to different religion..somehow he’s very close to me and I can feel that he’s feeling the same as I do..I also feel that he’s still considering bout our relationship because we’re not having the same religion.. How can I tell him that different religion cant stop us from being together and just don’t worry bout it? I don’t want it to be too obvious, though.

Answer #1

u are muslim, sweety im going thro the same but not buddist with a christian guy I love him too but I dunno what my future hold, but as for now I love him so much.

about him I think you should be clear about everything, so he wont get mixed up

Answer #2

You can like whoever you want! Theres nothing wrong with falling in love with someone that believes in a different religion. You can etheir convert to his religion or he can convert to yours. OR you can both put your religions aside and just be together.

Answer #3

Well ofcourse you can like a buddhist, but I think you should confront your mother before starting a relationship :)

Answer #4

my mom know I like a buddhist and she’s ok with it because she was a buddhist too..

Answer #5

are you a muslim too?

Answer #6

Islamically, a Muslim woman can ONLY marry a Muslim man. A Muslim man Can ONLY marry a Muslim woman, a Jew, or a Christian. Those three are the ONLY acceptable ones eligible for Nikah (marriage contract). Also, dating is haraam and considered a major zinaa. You will have to engage to him if you want to ‘date’, known as Mahram. This period is the ‘get to know’ stage.

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