religion and dating

I wanted to know if it is wrong for a Christian to date a Muslim. I am divorced with a child and wasn’t sure to pursue this or not.

Answer #1

It depends on what you believe and what they believe… If this doesnt bother your or them, who cares what anyone else thinks?

Answer #2

is it neccessarily wrong?? no. however it isn something I would recommend. you said you have a child. your child is going to torn in between 2 different religions and it can strain a relationship. I know a woman who is bapt and married outside of her religion and they constantly fight over it. she has 2 kids and shes trying to keep them to the truth–which is Word of God. he is always putting her down over her beliefs when he doesn stick true to his at all. its hard thing to do. and I wouldn do it. is it wrong no, but it isn really the best thing to do tho.

Answer #3

yes its wrong in my religion because we muslims dont date its disgustuing! if that quote muslim end quote says yes they rnt truuu muslims they are fake I=ones so I suggest you dont ask because it hurts our religion and if you dont ask they wont get tempted…

Answer #4

Just make sure he doesn’t go psycho on you when he gets mad like my ex did. If he is strong in his belief and so are you then you may not want to persue it. My ex was very selfish. In the muslim religion they talk like the woman is the root of sin. Be careful!

Answer #5

I’m only sixteen, never have been married or had children. I’ve never even had sex, but from what I believe, I wouldn’t. I want to be with somebody of my own faith. but, if it’s what you want, and if you feel good about it, then go for it. You should do what makes you happy

Answer #6

It really depends on how open minded you both are…as long as your willing to accept the other person has his or her beliefs and does not expect you to convert to their religion I think a relationship based on two different faiths should work.

Im a Christian (Baptist) and personally I dont think its “wrong” to be dating a muslim…With every religion you will find there are some people who are extreme in their faith and other followers who are more laid back etc so give this guy a chance.

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