Is it alright for a Catholic to date a Muslim?

my friend told me not to date a muslim and im cathlic. so I want to know if its alright for a cathlic to date a muslim?

Answer #1

The Bible tells us not to be ‘unequally yoked’ - speak with your priest before any action…Take care !!

Answer #2

I dated a Muslim Turkish woman for a long time. Although I’m not Catholic, I’m not Muslim either, and religious differences weren’t a problem for either of us. However, it was a problem for our parents, and this is where I’d advise you to think about the relationship. My parents are religious Protestants, her parents are religious Sunni Muslims, and both of them frowned on our relationship. I didn’t really care what my parents thought, but in her culture, it’s not so easy to dismiss the opinions of family in relationship. It did cause a few problems for us, and if we had gotten married and had children, her parents would have insisted the children be raised Muslim, which of course would have driven my parents up the wall.

I’m not telling you this because I think you should let parents and religion determine who you should date and marry. I’m telling you because it is something you may want to talk to your partner about. For us it was an unforseen problem. Depending on this Muslim person’s culture, the parents may get involved whether you or him/her wants them to or not.

But the fact that you are Catholic should not and does not prevent you from dating a Muslim, a Jew, a Buddhist, or anyone else.

Answer #3

The bible says you should not let yourself become unequally yoked for a reason, a lot of things come up in a relationship, one of the biggest reasons is the raising of the children, and that your spouse may decide you must change if you love him/her. Take time to pray about it!!!

Answer #4

Also…why are you catholic, why are they muslim? have you ever questioned? or is this something you grew up with? don’t answere this, but think about it to yourself:)

Answer #5

long and short is do you put your religion above the love of another human being?

if you do believe in god, and you worry your god would dissaprove of your love for another human- is this a god you want to believe in?

Answer #6

Another thing to ponder: muslims don’t believe in christ. is that going to be an issue for you. it would bother me no matter how great our relationship was.

Answer #7

date anyone that you want to date. if they are a good person, respectful of you, kind, honest, etc. just remember that if marriage is in the picture and you want children, you will have some decisions to make.

Answer #8

“Married you are to be “as one”–Two God’s pulls apart”. Amblessed.

It was God’s plan that a man and woman be “one flesh”. Just as those were his words so were His often repeated warning for his people not marry unbelievers. Muslims are NOT believers in Jesus Christ. In fact they think YOU are an infidel, and that puts you in a dangerous position with his people.

If the fact that this relationship/marriage won’t receive the blessing of your God doesn’t bother you maybe watching the movie “Not Without My Daughter” will give you some insight into what risks of such a marriage.

BTW, has he asked you to marry him? It’s not unusual for Moslem men to date and sleep with ‘christian’ women, but it quite rare for them to actually marry one in front of their family.

Answer #9

I am mormon, and my boyfriend is catholic. its all good. we have dicussed our future together about kids and all that, and I am not sure what will happen. we both understand both views and are both very understanding and open. we love each other unconditionaly and respect each other very much. it all depends if you bth can do that. if there is pointing fingers, arguing, determination to prove each other wrong, and nasty feelings about it, its not worth it. its kind of a mixed emotion for me although I am living it and will marry into it. so… I say go for it, educate yourself, question each other with humble hearts and learn. it will definately let you know if you want to spend the rest of your life with this person:)

Answer #10

“well you can do what ever you want but if you trully believe in god you will know it will never work out”

what has believing in God have to do with dating someone of another religion?

As far as I know muslims believe in God…

What has whether he’s a strong muslim got to do with anything? the stronger the faith the more likely he has something in common with someone who is also religious, whether the religions are different or not.

Also Islam believes a lot of the same things christians do, with a couple of exceptions (like jesus is the son of God), I dont see why it should be a problem to date someone who has a different religion from your own.

Answer #11

Married you are to be ‘as one’ - Two God’s pulls apart.

Answer #12

love gather all the religions,beside that our god is one we are called christian and they are called muslim,and every religion have his beliefs

Answer #13

It doesn’t matter who people think you should and shouldn’t date, its completely your decision.

Answer #14

Speak with your preacher before you do this cause you are not supposed to do that.

Answer #15

well you can do what ever you want but if you trully believe in god you will know it will never work out

but is he a strong Muslim?

Answer #16

love is an emotion not a religion =] go for it…religion honestly shudnt have any thing to do with love or dateing or relationships!

Answer #17

YEh! Love is stonger than anything!

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