Is dating outside of your religion acceptable?

I have met this amazing boy and he likes me and I like him, but he tells me he cannot date outside his religion because its a sin and being christian is the first thing that his parents look for. I am not any religion at this present moment or I was buddhist but I am not for sure as of right now and it just becomes a great big portion of chaos and yeah; does it say ANYWHERE in the bible any bible that it’s not right to date outside of their religion? please email me at or Please please please!!!

Answer #1

Yes, there are passages in the Bible about not marrying nonChristians or having nonChristian friends.

2 Corinthians 6:14 “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”

Answer #2

Well I mean not date just to make a bond bigger than what is really there I mean I dont belittle anyother religions, and honestly I mean Not date once, but be a girlfriend and a boyfriend relationship but I honestly mean I consider and take everything in an open minded fashion, yet I mean honestly every religion comes from a root of another religion or is of the opposite opinion, so in reallity all religions are similiar or is created from ones opposite thought, so it shouldn’t really matter about religion, Hate the sin, not the sinner.

Answer #3

hey Horror, God doesn’t change

and no he won’t kill you

and no he won’t keep you out of heaven for dating him, but he will keep you out of heaven if you don’t love him

but sara, I don’t know what to say.. its not a good idea for him to date you, girlfriends have so much of an impact on mens lives, I wouldn’t want him to falter in his faith for a girl that he likes.

dating you isn’t a sin, its just isn’t smart. SORRY

Answer #4

just do it

the bible & religion is nothing but pure traditions from the OLD days… come on, we live in the year 2008 times change

why should you let some old *ss tradtion keep you away from your love and happiness

is god gunna kill you because you two are going out? or keep you out of heaven because you two love each other? think about it

Answer #5

Toadaly’s right about what’s in the Bible. Half of me wants to say ‘just date him’ like horrormusic and toadaly, but the other half can see the problems coming up… I’m a Christian and I think the reason behind the passage Toadaly quotes is that two people whose lives have a totally different focus, and in fact are going in a different direction, are not compatible.

His focus needs to be Jesus, and he’ll need to put Jesus first in any relationship. That’s not a bad thing - I adore my Christian husband and our sons, and putting Jesus first just helps me to love and serve my family better, not worse. But for him, with a girlfriend who will probably want to come first in his life, it could be a real problem.

It’s interesting that you say his parents are the ones who insist on this. He needs to discover for himself if that’s how HE feels about it! It’s not enough for him to do what his parents want - as he gets older he has to decide if it’s what he wants for his own life.

So all I can say at the moment is that you and he could both find out a bit more about his Christian faith - for him, to make sure it’s a personal faith and not just being a good boy and doing what mom and dad want, and for you, to see if it might be for you, too. If it is, then your problems would seem to be solved for the moment…

Answer #6

I actually agree with horrormusic, but the question was one in regards to fact about what is in the Bible.

Answer #7

horrormusic has no idea what he.. or she is talking about…

and toadaly is exactly right

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