End of the world.

Who believe’s that the world will end in 2012? I say it’s a bunch of BS. Seriously.

Answer #1

Only God knows when the battle of Armageddon will take place.

Answer #2

People were predicting the end of times before Jesus was born. Did it happen?? No. Is it going to happen this time??? No. I say screw what people predict.

Answer #3

this is a myan thing. it isnt that the world will end just that their aciant calender turns over aging.. what do you mean by the universe lining up aging what dose that intell?

Answer #4

nope, I dont believe it, only God knows when he will send his son after his children, as its been said, it could end anytime, but when people starts, predictin it wont happen b/c NO man knows the hour

Answer #5

I dont know if the world will end, but isnt december 2012 the month that the universe becomes completely aligned for the first time in like, a zillion years? this isnt nostradamous predictions it’s science and astronomy. Astrologists dont really know whats going to happen…lose gravity or …who knows?

Answer #6

No way. If so, we would have hail the size of washing machine right now, july and all.

-Queen Lola has spoken :)

Answer #7

As said above in the muyan calender, the dates end in 2012, as well as in ancient chineese literature the dates also end in 2012. That is where people are “speculating” that, that’s when the end will be. No one really knows, nor will anyone be able to know for sure unless our governments know something that we don’t I.e.

  • an asteroid
  • the earth stop rotating
  • a deadly virus
  • a secret nuclear hollocost geared for that date
  • or in global warming

So other than reasons mentioned above, I can’t see all of the sudden earth being here, and then magically all of the sudden it’s gone along with the billions of people who inhabit it.

Answer #8

Just because an ancient people didn’t finish a calendar doesn’t mean that is when the world will end. I haven’t heard about the total alignment thing and will look for more info on that, but I do know that the Bible says no man knows the day nor the hour. Not the angels in heaven or the son, but only the father.

I give little credence to this theory because the seven years of Tribulation will not begin formally until the Treaty with Israel is signed. If you want to know more fun mail me.

Answer #9

Like the rest of you, I see no reason to think it will be 2012 rather than any other time.

Answer #10

I Got Told That Too

I Dont Believe It

Answer #11

I don’t belive. Its all lies. Only God knows when the world will end

Answer #12

yeah I think the same it’s a totally whacked out idea

Answer #13

Ask me again in 2013 :-)

Answer #14

could end tomorrow if someone presses the wrong button! truth is, no one really knows, unless they have a massive nucleur weapon, that they are, in fact, planning to detinate on 01/01/12 no matter what!

time will tell, speculation leads to no where but paranoia!! hum-wahahahah

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