is the world going to end in 2012?... scared!!

so my 12 year old sister is FREAKING OUT about the end of the world, she keep on hearing all this stuff about the epoclipse or whatever… saying stuff like worlds gonna end in 2012.. shes scared that shes going to die when shes like teen and im also I little frightend about that stuff too… of corse I dont freak out about it in front of her but also feel bad for her bacuse shes 12 year old!! she shouldnt be worring about this stuff! she should be worring about school and boys and stuff

Answer #1

Technically the world isn’t going to end when Jesus comes unless you believe in god and I don’t for many reasons :) agnostic and proud

Answer #2

Well, I think people are just talking baout all this end of the world nonsence beacuse are econimes bad right now or something… I mean people thought the world was going to end in like 1975 or 2000.. it never did! maybe in like 2042 the world wont end then and people may still freak out about it.. personally I want the world no never end!

Answer #3

lots of people say that the world will end on the date 21 december 2012 11:11 GMT there is 1 answer…NO this is not true and I read on the internet that mayan elder insists that the world will not end in 2012…And if its true no one worry…you will have a second life in heaven

Answer #4

the thing is the astac calender ends, so I don’t know but…the second time jesus come he will be pissed off and there are signs I think like 5 or something and four are gone I forgot the last one look it up

Answer #5

I think it was just a random example

Answer #6

the world will end when jesus returns for us, but we cant really know. all the stuff about the mayan calendar, the sun, wars, etc will happen im sure because even the prophecy in the bible says it. the bible says that we will see the signs…some of them; wars, global warming, religions getting together, just like when Obama won, there was a religious service with all religions united, which is something very weird. but even the bible says thats one of the signs. all these things and more will happen before jesus comes, but the bible also talks about the rapture, people dissapearing, etc…everyone who accepts jesus as their saviour, and obeys him, will be saved…and they will not suffer, God will take his people when the “rapture” happens, and the people who stays are the ones that will suffer during wars, consequences from global warming and many more.

so dont be scared, trust God, read the bible so you know more..and have a good relationship with God…then you have nothing to worry about. :D

Answer #7


As it is written in the new testament do not belive on false sayings b’because you do not know when god is going to come, before he comes surely all thing will come to end as it is written in Revelation so do not belive what people say, belive in Jesus christ he is the Alpha & Omega the Beginning & the end meditate on the word of god love hime & he loves you more remember he first love you and died b’because of our sins he has purchased us through his precious blood he will never leave you nor forsake you no matter what people say do not lean on to the worlds saying look for the promises what god had kept for you even if the world perishes he will uphold you in his arms you will not be hurted by anything, see at the time of moses when israelites we under bondage in egypt do you remember what god did he striked every first born of egyptians but his spirit was on his people they were safe & dived red sea & brought the people out of bondage he is a great god not even one person or animals or anything was destroyed untill they crossed the red sea such a god is our god ok, so dear ones TRUST IN THE LORD HE IS A GOOD GOD ONE CAN EVER BELIVE HE IS FAITHFUL AND JUST, REMEMBER GOD LOVES you VERY MUCH MORE THAN ANYBODY IN THIS WORLD. ATLEASE PRAY FOR 5 MIN A DAY AND SEE HOW MUCH GOD WILL HELP you IN ANYTHING OK.




Answer #8

ahh, yea a couple of years ago I thought the 2012 was true also… I was so freaking freaked out… listen, in 2002 on new years eve at 12:00 am people thought the world was gonna end… then before they knew it it was 12:01 am and guess what… WE ARE STILL ALIVE! lol :D

Answer #9

its not going to happen, the world will end in 2500. 2012 is too early.

Answer #10

No one knows when the world s going to end, only God the father. There is a good reason for that. We are suppossed to live our lives to please God, be pure, help others, keep clear of situations that may lead to sin, and do not do things that abuse the bodies God has given us to live on this earth. The Bible says that Christ will come with a shout and the sound of a trumpet, and all those who believe in Him shall join Him in the air and thus we will always be with the Lord. Beliving in Jesus, means that we believe that He died on the cross to pay for our sins; the sins we have committed and those that we might commit, and He is faithful to forgive them, if we honestly turn from our sin and ask for forgiveness, and choose to sin no more. That means that some days in our human weaknes, we have to ask for forgiveness many times, but that does not mean to deliberately sin. There is no proof that the world will end in 2012. Enjoy your life, that is why God gave it to you.

Answer #11

IM also scared and im 13 and im spose to be graduating in 2014!!! But its funny because my friend was all like “ Yeah I finaly graduate from high school in 2012 then I die. So not cool” But dont worry hun NO one knows but GOd! THe only one who knows is God, Jesus doesnt even know when it is time for him to return! The world wont end until Jesus returns! IF you believe in him then you will float up and meet him in the sky or something but I know Im going to heavne because I believe in the HOLY SPIRIT The SON and THE FATHER! GOD LOEVES YOU AND YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN

Answer #12

The Mayans predicted that the world will end in 2012. Scientifically, the world will end in 12,000 years or so. But then again, the Mayans predicted many other things that came true. But on the other hand, this guy predicted that the world would end in 2006. he was wrong, but he also predicted the rise of Hitler. There are many arguments, but in my opinion, I go with the scientific research. Don’t worry, it’s HIGHLY unlikely.

Answer #13

ooo w.e god isnt real he never was and never will be thats just a book some 1 wrote if god made people than what made him huh?? yea exacly the world will end when it does and when it does then well be gone till then live day by day and take what comes at you next if you worrie all your life than whats th point of liveing why base your hole life on somethig that you dont no is real thank you

Answer #14

that is just a prediction…I heard it and I researched it, its a hoax - is like a fake something…but has to do with fake - anyway…they predict that the world will end with a asteroid hitting earth and we will all extinct like the dinosaurs , apparently they believed that thast what happen to the dinosaurs too, but its a prediction. and I don’t believe in it…because I am a bit religious I know that … only god knows when the earth is going to end and that no one knows but HIM. and I believe that off course…science is not always right !!! and they are just want to terrify us for some reason. and we have a short life so …I’d give you my advice…this world is going to eand and nobody knows when so…I’d say find the right religion and make the right choices

MAY ALLAH GUIDE YOU hope I helped !!! :)

Answer #15

Its so stupid. people who say the worlds gunna end. I dunno where they get their theories from but its not like some crazy as supernatural force is gunna come eat us or nething lol. its dumb dont even believe in that stuff, as if we’re all gunna suddenly die =P thats just like saying tomorrow the guy sittin next to you on the bus is suddenly gunna die randomly.

no reason 2 believe random as predictions. Why would anyone wanna predict we’re all gunna die anyway. Id rather not know and just die than hear that my whole worlds gunna be wiped out.

Answer #16

But jesus is ment to come back every easter? I’m not sure if it will end, I hope not!

Answer #17

If the world does end, in 2012 or on any date, as long as your believe in God, and are devoted then he will come back and take you to heaven before the world ends. So you gots nothin to worry about if you do believe in God, and if you dont I’d start praying, because only God knows when its gonna end. :)

Answer #18

im 12 also and I’ve been looking all this up IM SO SCARED I dont wanna die…thers so many ways that the world is supposed 2 end that some make sense and some dont so its really scary…

Answer #19

technically,the world is gonna end when jesus returns. no body know’s when that is,so we dont know if the worlds gonna end in 2012

Answer #20

Finally, someone who (in my opinion) nailed it right on the head! GREAT answer!!

Answer #21

II also believe that there are three world ages. The last earth age which was before man was created (in the flesh) that was where God said let us create man in our (our being the angels) image, this earth age and the new heaven age which is after all will be changed into our spiritual body. Thats just something that i read (in the bible).

Answer #22

I am scared if the world will end in 2012, my dad watched this thing on the discovery channel - really smart scientist that know what they are talking about said that the world shall not end in 2012; for one - to many things have to happen at once, and if you really think about it —- go into your thoughts…. it’s not possible for the world to end.

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