Why is there a commercial about the world ending in 2012?

I seen a commercial like some days ago and it was saying that the world was going to end in 2012 it was saying a comet was going to crash into the earth and they got a place for us to go .it was a website given if we wanted to know more about it it was like hic.com or hcim.com I dont remember but if this isnt true then why do they got it on commercial ???

Answer #1

blueyesdgoddess Nostradamus did not state anything of 2012 according to scholars, his end of the world prediction is when the sun erupts The Commit isn’t 2012, supposedly 2014(oh sh*t, hope I didn’t set another date for bs) but it’s not going to hit the Earth, just come close as hell, that’s it

Answer #2

yes it’s for the movie 2012 it’s not a real thing dont worry

Answer #3

I saw that ad as well www.theihc.com check it out. I think its bogus but hey it got my attention.

Answer #4

It’s an advert for a terrible, terrible film.

Answer #5

nostradamus was a scientist or artist back in I believe the 1400 but it could have even been before jesus and he was known for predicting a bunch fo things through out history…people say he predicted 9/11…he also predicted the world would end in 2012…the mayians also beleived this…its called the apocolyptis…they actually made a movie about it a couple years ago…we wont know if they were right until jan 1st 2012…also I am not sure if the seventh year reveltation was refering to that day but its a christian believe that the anti christ will come and he will be like human born just like us and he will take over the earth and true christian will be brought into heaven and a war will go on for seven years now I believe the christians dont come back…there is a movie about that too.

Answer #6

Everything about 2012 is not true,just there to freak everybody out,scientists have no exact proof of it,wow I feel smart. :)

Answer #7

because scientists, or weather people, or whoever the heck saw the… “meteor” are idiots. they cant trace the path of a meteor three years away. they said the world was going to end on a date, I cant remember it exactly, but its already passed. its not true, scientists are retarded.

Answer #8

It’s true! You better go…hurry!

Actually…it’s all a bunch of nonsense hype…don’t dwell on it.

Answer #9

LMAO they actually made a commercial for that!?!?! lol! Its not true, I don’t know where that RUMOR got started

Answer #10

The rumor was started through ancient texts which mark the end of days as happening 2000 years after the birth of Jessus, aka 2000 BC (aka nine years ago). This is why there was all that hype about Y2k, which obviously did not happen (at least not in the Earth obliteration sense).

After Y2k some genuises (note sarcasm) calculated that years were inaccurate, and the end of the world would actually be in 2012 (which the Mayan calendar also states).

So 2012 is the new Y2k - and like Y2k, we’ll still be here. Don’t worry.

Answer #11

ITS A MOVIE COMMERCIAL. how did no one else pick up on that?!

Answer #12


Answer #13

I saw the comercial to and it’s a movie at the bottom it says film not rated yet

Answer #14

omg I saw that too

Answer #15

No its not ture..dont believe that crap.

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